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  • #23 - Octopus Mono Sound

    #23 - Octopus Mono Sound

    04/09/2011 Duration: 44min

    Set list: 01. Daniel Johnston, "Speeding Motercycle" LP Yip/Jump Music (Stress, 1983) 02. Bert Jansch, "Needle Of Death" LP Bert Jansch (Transatlantic, 1965) 03. Jackson C. Frank, "Blues Run The Game" LP Jackson C. Frank (Columbia, 1965) 04. Jackson C. Frank, "Here Come The Blues" LP Jackson C. Frank (Columbia, 1965) 05. Jackson C. Frank, "Milk And Honey" LP Jackson C. Frank (Columbia, 1965) 06. 05. Jackson C. Frank, "My Name Is Carnival" LP Jackson C. Frank (Columbia, 1965) 07. Bert Jansch, "My Name Is Carnival" performed at Martyr's, Chicago, June 24, 2010 (Youtube) 08. Nick Drake, "Milk And Honey" CD Tanworth-in-Arden 1967/68 (Anthology, 2002) 09. Nick Drake, "Here Comes The Blues" CD Tanworth-in-Arden 1967/68 (Anthology, 2002) 10. Nick Drake, "Blues Run The Game" CD Tanworth-in-Arden 1967/68 (Anthology, 2002) 11. Yo La Tengo, "Needle Of Death" EP Today is The Day (Matador, 2003) 12. Yo La Tengo, "Speeding Motercycle" Fakebook (Bar/None Records, 1990). Foto: Jackson C. Frank Música introdução: Wilco, "T

  • #22 - Octopus Mono Sound!

    #22 - Octopus Mono Sound!

    12/12/2010 Duration: 25min

    Set list: 01. Júpiter Maçã, "Um Lugar do Caralho" CD A Sétima Efervescência (Trama, 1997) 02. Fellini, "Teu Inglês" LP 3 Lugares Diferentes (Baratos e Afins, 1987) 03. Jorge Mautner, "Maracatu Atômico" Retirado do Youtube 04. Gal Costa, "Que Pena" LP Gal Costa (Philips, 1969) 05. Marcos Valle, "Quarentão Simpático" LP Quarentão Simpático (Odeon, 1970) 06. Arnaldo Baptista, "Vou Me Afundar na Lingerie" LP Lóki? (Philips, 1974) 07. Os Mutantes, "Bat Macumba" LP Os Mutantes (Polydor, 1968) Foto: Arnaldo Baptista, 2009 Música introdução: Arnaldo Baptista, "Será que Eu Vou Virar Bolor?" BG: www.myspace.com/jupiterapple, www.jorgemautner.com.br, www.galcosta.com.br www.myspace.com/marcosvallebrazil, www.arnaldobaptista.com.br www.osmutantes.com Links: http://octopusmonosound.podomatic.com Rss feed 2.0: http://octopusmonosound.podomatic.com/rss2.xml

  • #21 - Octopus Mono Sound!

    #21 - Octopus Mono Sound!

    05/10/2010 Duration: 01h12min

    Set list: 01. John Coltrane and Eric Dolphy live in Baden-Baden 1961, "My Favorite Things" LP My Favorite Things (Atlantic Records, 1961) 02. Johnny Griffin, "The Way You Look Tonight" LP A Blowin' Session (Blue Note Records, 1957) 03. Dexter Gordon, "Cheese Cake" LP Go! (Blue Note Records, 1962) 04. Eric Dolphy Quintet, "G.W." LP Outward Bound (Prestige Records, 1960) 05. Thelonious Monk, "Blue Monk" LP Thelonious In Action (Riverside/OJC, 1958) 06. Sun Ra, "Images" LP Space Is The Place (Blue Thumb Records, 1973) 07. Sun Ra, "Space Is The Place" LP Space Is The Place (Blue Thumb Records, 1973) Foto: Lippe Muniz "We Were Wasps that Scaped from the Pores", 2009, Berlin Música introdução: Joachin-Ernst Berendt BG: www.johncoltrane.com, www.dextergordon.com, www.theloniousrecords.com Links: http://octopusmonosound.podomatic.com Rss feed 2.0: http://octopusmonosound.podomatic.com/rss2.xml

  • #20 - Octopus Mono Sound!

    #20 - Octopus Mono Sound!

    06/12/2009 Duration: 31min

    Set list: 01. Television, "Marquee Moon" LP Marquee Moon (Elektra, 1977) 02. Milton Nascimento & Lô Borges, "Trem De Doido" LP Clube da Esquina (EMI, 1972) 03. David Bowie, "Jean Genie" LP Aladdin Sane (RCA, 1973) 04. Bertrand Burgalat, "Ma Rencontre" CD The Ssssound of Mmmusic (EMI, 2001) 05. Tom Zé, "Tô" LP Estudando o Samba (Continental, 1976) Foto: Daminhão Experiença Música introdução: Tom Zé, "Curiosidade" BG: Link: Rss feed 2.0: http://octopusmonosound.podomatic.com/rss2.xml www.uol.com.br/miltonnascimento, www.loborges.com, www.fabricandotomze.com.br

  • #19 - Octopus Mono Sound!

    #19 - Octopus Mono Sound!

    29/05/2009 Duration: 16min

    Set list: 01. Orange Juice, "Falling and Laughing" LP You Can't Hide Your Love Forever (Polydor, 1982) 02. Daniel Johnston, "Favorite Darling Girl" Rejected Unknown (Gammon, 2001) 03. Daniel Johnston, "Silly Love" CD Fun (Atlantic, 1994) 04. Alexander Skip Spence, "Little Hands" LP Oar (Sundazed, 1969) 05. The Greenhornes With Holly Golightly, "There Is An End" CD OST-Broken Flowers (Decca, 2005) Foto: Hi, how are you - cassettecover Música introdução: Daniel Johnston, "True Love Will Find You in The End" BG: Link: Rss feed 2.0: http://octopusmonosound.podomatic.com/rss2.xml

  • #18 - Octopus Mono Sound!

    #18 - Octopus Mono Sound!

    09/05/2009 Duration: 15min

    Set list: 01. Superchunk, "Cursed Mirror" CD Come Pick Me UP (Merge, 1999) 02. Paul Weller, "Come On/Let's Go" CD As Is Now (Yep Roc, 2005) 03. Q Lazzarus, "Goodbye Horses" Single (1988) 04. Fugazi, "Long Division" CD Steady Diet of Nothing (Dischord, 1991) Foto: "Das Frühstück des Sisyphos" by Lippe Muniz - http://artmiscellany.blogspot.com/ Música introdução: M.L.W. - "Medi I" (folkways) BG: Links: Rss feed 2.0: http://octopusmonosound.podomatic.com/rss2.xml www.superchunk.com, www.paulweller.com

  • #17 - Octopus Mono Sound!

    #17 - Octopus Mono Sound!

    24/04/2009 Duration: 15min

    Set list: 01. April March & Steve Hanft, "Attention Chérie" CD Magic Monsters (Coral Recorder, 2008) 02. Telekinesis!, "Coast Of Carolina" CD Telekinesis! (Merge, 2009) 03. Stephen Malkmus, "Pencil Rot" CD Face The Truth (Matador, 2005) 04. The Go! Team, "Huddle Formation" CD Thunder, Lightning, Strike (Memphis Industries, 2004) Foto: Work by "Lippe Muniz" http://artmiscellany.blogspot.com/ Música introdução: J Mascis, "A Little Ethnic Song" BG: Links: Rss feed 2.0: http://octopusmonosound.podomatic.com/rss2.xml www.myspace.com/aprilmarch, www.myspace.com/telekinesismusic, www.stephenmalkmus.com, www.thegoteam.co.uk

  • #16 - Octopus Mono Sound!

    #16 - Octopus Mono Sound!

    03/10/2007 Duration: 47min

    Set list: 01. Tim Buckley, "It Happens Every Time" LP Tim Buckley (Asylum, 1966) 02. Tocotronic, "Ich Glaube, ich Habe Meine Unschuld Verloren" CD Digitar ist Besser (L'Age D'Or, 1994) 03. The Saints, "(I´m) Stranded" LP Anarchy In The Uk-Uk Punk 1 (1976-77) (Rhino/WEA, 1993) 04. Jim O'Rourke, "All Downhill From Here" CD Insignificance (Drag City, 2001) 05. The Kinks, "Lola" LP Lola versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One (Pye, 1970) 06. Koop, "Come To Me" CD Koop Island (Superstudio, 2006) 07. Carla Bruni, "Le Toi Du Moi" CD Quelqu´un M´a Dit (Naive, 2003) 08. Vicent Gallo, "Fools Rush In", CD Buffalo 66 Soundtrack(Will, 1998) 09. Tim Buckley, "Understand Your Man", LP Tim Buckley (Asylum, 1966) 10. Cactus Cream, "King Size", CD Elefante be bop 11. Tocotronic, "Freiburg" CD Digitar ist Besser (L'Age D'Or, 1994) 12. Kettcar, "48 Stunden" CD Von Spatzen und Tauben, Dächern und Händen (Grand Hotel van Cleef, 2005) 13. Tim Buckley, "Pleasant Street" LP Goodbye and Hello (Asylum, 1967) Foto: Universit

  • #15 - Octopus Mono Sound!

    #15 - Octopus Mono Sound!

    02/10/2007 Duration: 46min

    Set list: 01. Broadcast, "I Found The F" CD Tender Buttons (Warp, 2005) 02. Cold War Kids, "Hang Me Up to Dry" CD Robbers & Cowards (Downtown, 2006) 03. Broadcast, "Evil is Coming" CD Tender Buttons (Warp, 2005) 04. Kevin Drew, "Tbtf" CD Spirit If (Arts & Crafts, 2007) 05. Vince Giordano And The Nighthawks, "Georgia On My Mind" CD Ghost World Soundtrack (Shanachie, 2001) 06. Cass McCombs, "That´s That" CD Dropping the Writ (Domino, 2007) 07. Broadcast, "Bit 35" CD Tender Buttons (Warp, 2005) 08. Broadcast, "Black Cat", CD Tender Buttons (Warp, 2005) 09. Via Audio, "Developing Active People", CD Saysomethingsaysomethingsaysomething (Sidecho, 2007) 10. Gravenhurst, "The Velvet Cell", CD Fires in Distant Buildings (Warp, 2005) 11. Feist, "My Moon My Man" CD The Reminder (Cherrytree/Interscope, 2007) 12. Broadcast, "Michael a Grammar" CD Tender Buttons (Warp, 2005) 13. Kaleidoscope (uk), "Heaven in the Back Row" LP White Faced Lady (Kaleidoscope, Recorded in 1970-71/Released 1991) Foto: Teatro Municipal - R

  • #14 - Octopus Mono Sound!

    #14 - Octopus Mono Sound!

    15/03/2007 Duration: 36min

    Set list: 01. A Naifa, "A Verdade Apanha-se com Enganos" CD 3 Minutos Antes de a Maré Encher (Zona, 2006) 02. Them, "You're Just What I Was Looking For Today" LP Now And Them (Rev-Ola, 1967) 03. The Monkees, "Let´s Dance On" LP The Monkees (Colgems Records, 1966) 04. Eiafuawn,"Tempest" CD The Modulator Hustle (The Static Cult Label, 2003) 05. Steve Miller, "Fly Like an Eagle" LP Fly Like an Eagle (Capitol Records, 1975) 06. Gerson King Combo, "Hereditariedade" LP Volume I (Polydor, 1977) 07. Replicants, "Just What I Needed"(cover The Cars) CD Replicants (Volcano, 1995) 08. Alexander Lee "Skip" Spence, "If I'm Good" LP Oar (Sundazed, 1968) 09. Marcos Valle, "Batucada" LP Samba´68 (Verve, 1968) 10. H.P.Lovecraft, "That's The Bag I'm In" LP H.P. Lovecraft (Philips, 1967) 11. Jon Brion, "Monday", CD I Love Huckabees (Milan Records, 2004) 12. Stereolab, "The Incredible He Woman" Compilation Aluminum Tunes (Warp Records, 1998) Foto: Das Brandenburger Tor - Berlin Música introdução: Mandrake Som, "Eu Não Quero N

  • #13 - Octopus Mono Sound!

    #13 - Octopus Mono Sound!

    27/12/2006 Duration: 48min

    Set list: 01. King Crimson, "21st Century Schizoid Man" LP In the Court of the Crimson King (Atlantic Records, 1969) 02. Donovan, "Sunshine Superman" LP Sunshine Superman (Epic, 1966) 03. Devendra Banhart, "Long Haired Child" CD Cripple Crow (XL, 2005) 04. Sean Lennon, "Would I Be The One" CD Friendly Fire (Parlophone, 2006) 05. Vincent Gallo, " Yes I'm Lonely" CD When (Warp Records, 2001) 06. DJ Krush, "Only The Strong Survive" CD Meiso (Full Frequency, 1995) 07. Sebadoh, "It's So Hard To Fall In Love" LP The Freed Weed (Homestead, 1990) 08. O Terço, "Lagoa das Lontras" LP O Terço (Continental, 1972) 09. Television Personalities, "I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives" LP And Don't the Kids Just Love It (Rough Trade, 1981) 10. Leadbelly, "Easy Rider" CD Leadbelly Legacy, vol. 2 - Bourgeois Blues (Smithsonian folkways, 1997) Foto: Vicent Gallo Música introdução: Don Nelson, "Some Kinda Shuffle" BG: Devendra Banhart, "Pensando Enti" Links: Rss feed 2.0: http://octopusmonosound.podomatic.com/rss2.xml www.king-cr

  • #12 - Octopus Mono Sound!

    #12 - Octopus Mono Sound!

    07/12/2006 Duration: 51min

    Set list: 01. Kaleidoscope UK, "Kaleidoscope" LP Tangerine Dream (Fontana, 1967) 02. Love, "Maybe The People Would Be The Times Or Between Clark And Hilldale" LP Forever Changes (Elektra, 1967) 03. Comet Gain, "The Fists in The Pocket" CD City Fallen Leaves (Track & Field, 2005) 04. Ana da Silva, "In Awe of a Painting" CD The Lighthouse (Chicks on Speed, 2005) 05. Julie Delpy, "She Don't Care" CD Julie Delpy (Disques Crepuscule, 2003) 06. Masters Apprentices, "War Or Hands Of Time" LP Masters Apprentices (Astor, 1967) 07. Taparrabo, "JOhn" CD O Vermelho e o Negro (2005) *DEMO* 08. Juana Molina, "¿Quién?" CD Segundo (Domino, 2000) 09. Marcos Valle, "O Cafona" LP Garra (Odeon, 1971) 10. Marcos Valle, "Mentira" LP Previsão do Tempo (Odeon, 1973) 11. Dinosaur Jr., "Kracked" LP You´re Living All Over Me (SST Records, 1987) 12. Talking Heads, "This Must Be The Place" LP Speaking in Tongues (Sire, 1983) Foto: Marcel Duchamp Música introdução: Marlene Dietrich, "Ich hab´noch einen Koffer in Berlin" BG: Marcos Vall

  • #11 - Octopus Mono Sound!

    #11 - Octopus Mono Sound!

    09/09/2006 Duration: 57min

    Set list: 01. Caetano Veloso, "É Proibido Proibir" LP Single É Proibido Proibir (1968) 02. Traffic Sound, "Meshkalina" LP Virgin (MAG, 1970) 03. Traffic Sound, "Simple" LP Virgin (MAG, 1970) 04. Elliot Smith, "Twilight" CD From a Basement on the Hill (Anti, 1994) 05. King Cringson, "Moonchild" CD Buffalo 66 Soundtrack (Will Records, 1998) 06. Tranquil, "Ruby", CD Electronic Evocations : A Tribute to The Silver Apples (Enraptured, 1996) 07. Rogério Duprat, "Canção Para Inglês Ver - Chiquita Bacana" LP A Banda Tropicalista do Duprat (Polydor, 1968) 08. Ivy, "Ocean City Girl" CD In The Clear (Nettwerk, 2005) 09. Delta 5, "Now That You´ve Gone" CD Singles & Sessions 1979-1981 (Kill Rock Stars, 2006) 10. Fellini, "Alcatraz Song" LP O Adeus de Fellini (Baratos Afins, 1985) 11. Caetano Veloso, "Alfômega" LP Caetano Veloso 1969 (Philips, 1969) Foto: Transitor and Robot by Ed Templeton Música introdução: Traffic Sound, "Jews Caboose" BG: Rogério Duprat, "Flying" Links: Rss feed 2.0: http://octopusmonosound.podomat