Connected aims to explore the artists origins, the method to their talent and madness. Recorded live at Side Street Studio Arts, Connected will archive the current local music, art, and performing arts scene in Elgin and the surrounding areas. #stayconnected


  • Connected. 1.4 - Bobby Rowland

    Connected. 1.4 - Bobby Rowland

    05/11/2015 Duration: 01h10min

    In Episode 4 of Connected we meet up with mild-mannered local painter, Bobby Rowland. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Bobby and discussing his influences, both past and present, as well as gaining insight into what art has meant to him growing up in the Fox Valley area.

  • CONNECTED. 1.3 - Jim Lloyd

    CONNECTED. 1.3 - Jim Lloyd

    15/10/2015 Duration: 01h24min

    In our third episode of Connected., master printmaker and fellow Elginite Jim Lloyd discusses his inspirations and aspirations in the world of printmaking, his life in, and eventual exodus from, the big city to the suburban mecca of art that is Elgin, Il.