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Bernard BigOne Williams was born in Miami,Florida On October 1 1982,But he was raised in Riviera Beach,Florida Better Known As The Raw.he is a Producer/writer/Artist and most of all he is a lover of all music.he has been rapping since 1994 but he's been producing beats since 1998,no matter what style or genre,in his heart when it comes to music he believes there is no such thing as black folks music or white folks music,its just great music and there is bad music,and his goal is to make great music with great artist of all styles of music from all walks of life and ages,races,One of his Goals Is To At least Be Nominated as Indie/Major Producer Of The Year as many times possible in his career,Before its all said and done,Bernard wants people to look back at his career and say that BigOne made it cool to be different and still get notification for doing what you love and not what others want you to love,if you want any info on Bernard as far as collabs,hiring him for projects Bernard at thanksWeb sites:


  • Please Take Heave

    Please Take Heave

    28/10/2012 Duration: 01min

    This Track Produced by Bernard BigOne WilliamsThis Track for sale for purchase infoemail me at