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Hip-Hop & Culture Podcast based out of Tokyo, Japan; three diverse hosts with as diverse opinions. Episodes drop twice a month with special guests and updates on shows in Tokyo! You won't want to miss it!!Weather Forecast calendar of upcoming dope culture shows going on in Tokyo! you want your show in the Weather Forecast make sure to hit us at:


  • Temperature Check: America Is Trash, And Its Been Trash w/ Daisha Hunter

    Temperature Check: America Is Trash, And It's Been Trash w/ Daisha Hunter

    28/02/2021 Duration: 01h12min

    Hello, Called good friend of the pod Daisha Hunter to get caught up. She was planning to be in Japan for all of 2020 (weren't we all), but then 2020 happened. During the convo she shares what she's been up to the past year her feelings about the whole situation including being zen enough to ride it out inside until 2022 when everything is hopefully back to normal. Should we move to Mexico? Will there be an Olympics? Are we going to Magic City? All of the answers are inside! Peace to everyone around the world! See you later, if not soon then definitely in 2022!! Anti-Anti-Vax 2022

  • Temperature Check: Thats My Take w/ Chocolate Cake

    Temperature Check: That's My Take w/ Chocolate Cake

    14/02/2021 Duration: 01h48min

    Hello, Recorded this awhile back. Had a catch-up call with one of the fav's, @cake-desu. He has been keeping busy during the pandemic, even starting a publishing house. We talk about that, getting into poetry, and of course, Drake. We also talk about music and what he's been up to with his group, @laidbackcx. There's some 2020 descriptions of corona circumstances in here, but it's always a pleasure to chop it up with Cake so don't mind any time shenanigans. Peace to the all the gods, and hope ya'll stay healthy. Jab! 2021 @laidback_cx

  • MLS 140 Part 2: VivaOla and Wez Atlas of Solagasa

    MLS 140 Part 2: VivaOla and Wez Atlas of Solagasa

    12/02/2021 Duration: 01h48s

    Part two of our episode with VivaOla and Wez Atlas of the Solgasa art collectives In part one we talk about VivaOla's start in music and growing up in Tokyo. Check that out. Here we play a bunch of music from VivaOla Wez and some other artists they work with. We talk about a few of VivaOla's releases, his collaborations and his production process. Then we play some other Solgasa music, some people theyve collaborated with and a few joints weve had on repeat. Jua Giveon Big Animal Theory Ed Balloon and more... Check out VivaOla and Wez Atlas on youtube and all the streaming services. Then go buy their musicsss. Thanks for tuning in. @viva0la @wezzyatlas @solgasa_jp @megadesu

  • MLS 140: Good Kid Yamanote City Featuring VivaOla with Wez Atlas

    MLS 140: "Good Kid Yamanote City" Featuring VivaOla with Wez Atlas

    09/02/2021 Duration: 57min

    Back again with the guys of Solgasa! Solgasa is one of the dopest music/art collectives coming out of Tokyo. This time we have VivaOla and Wez Atlas. VivaOla is an R&B singer-songwriter and producer. His music is an interesting and unique combination of Neo-soul, R&B and hip-hop. His new track "Runway" is phenomenal and guaranteed to get you moving. Joining as guest co-host is Solgasa emcee, Wez Atlas. We had on Wez back on episode 133 with Tommi Crane. Check that out for more details about his approach to art. Here we discuss VivaOla's upbringing in central Tokyo, having ethnically Korean parents, learning to play music, going to school with Wez Atlas and working with the Solgasa Collective. I really feel like these guys are on the cusp of blowing up. So tune in now so you look prepared later. Check them out in all the social media outlets. Lots of videos on YouTube and they're even in Clubhouse now. All background music by my man Soul.Dope.95 he's one of the best bear makers out. Listen to me, I

  • MLS 139 Part 2: Monsieur Jovoni and Kraftykid

    MLS 139 Part 2: Monsieur Jovoni and Kraftykid

    05/02/2021 Duration: 54min

    Part two of our conversation with Monsieur Jovoni and Kraftykid of the Hilt/ Music talk and shares! Check out part one for the interview about Ainu Negrito! All beats by Bugseed! @monsieurjovoni @mcgaburi @kraftykid_ @dirtyasssophisticate @bugseed

  • MLS 139: How You Spell That? featuring Monsieur Jovoni w/ KraftyKid of The Hilt

    MLS 139: "How You Spell That?" featuring Monsieur Jovoni w/ KraftyKid of The Hilt

    02/02/2021 Duration: 59min

    Yo back with fam from the Tokyo-based hip-hop collective, The Hilt! Monsieur Jovoni just dropped his debut LP Ainu Negrito! Inspired by his travels, exchange of culture and Black indigenous peoples around the world! Also of the Hilt, on the guest host mix, KraftyKid! We talk about the new album, working with the different personalities and styles in the Hilt, the value of your art, supporting art and streaming, indigenous people, working with Popefam, using the n-word, tattoos and general MONSIEUR'IN. Find Ainu Negrito here : All beats this episode by the super talented, D Dahlinger! @monsieurjovoni @mcgaburi @kraftykid_ @dirtyasssophisticate @ddahlinger @fulltime_plantmama

  • Temperature Check: When Youre Better, Its Better w/ Alex Camp

    Temperature Check: When You're Better, It's Better w/ Alex Camp

    31/01/2021 Duration: 02h09min

    Hello? Another drop, another call, another friendo to check up on! Today's episode was recorded awhile back and is with Alex Camp who has appeared on the show a couple times before. Alex is continuing his comedy and we get into how to keep pursuing your passions in the middle of a pandemic. Professionally and literally. There is talk of romances and growing as a human being, reflecting on your life through your various experiences, and we somehow end up talking about Will Smith for about an hour. Lots of gems, pls enjoy Check out Alex's music/comedy on all his socials! No Jabs For Facists 2021

  • MLS 138 Part 2: Moving in Silence featuring Ktea 3ntertainer w/ Fab Five Naomi

    MLS 138 Part 2: "Moving in Silence" featuring Ktea 3ntertainer w/ Fab Five Naomi

    22/01/2021 Duration: 01h07min

    Moving in Silence Part two of our convo with Ktea 3ntertainer! This time we share a bunch of music, hit yall with some self help motivation vibes and discuss our rituals to stay perfect. We had Naomi of Fab Five Tokyo, Speak Easy TYO, and Japan for Black Lives fame on the guest host mic!! Always a pleasure. Shared a gang of music. #tobenwigwe#miyachi#rohey#solgasa#vivaola#illsugi and more All the music bed is by Ill Sugi. Check out his new album Warp Haze on Cold Busted. Streaming everywhere. @3ntertainer @fabfivetokyo @jp4blacklives @speakeasytyo @megalateshow

  • MLS 138: Patterns Speak Louder featuring Ktea 3ntertainer w/ Fab Five Tokyo Naomi

    MLS 138: "Patterns Speak Louder" featuring Ktea 3ntertainer w/ Fab Five Tokyo Naomi

    18/01/2021 Duration: 01h11min

    Shitty teachers beware! New episode featuring Ktea 3ntertainer! She is a dancer, YouTube content creator, and human connector. If you're in Tokyo may have seen Ktea at Speak Easy, on the Tokyo version of Pharell's Entrepreneur video directed by Darryl Wharton Rigby, or perhaps her interview with the Black Experience Japan YouTube channel. Joining in as guest host is friend of the show, Naomi Kawahara, of Fab Five Tokyo and co-founder of Japan For Black Lives. Here we discuss a variety of things such as: - Ktea's unique upbringing in Japan and the States - figure skating, dancing and gatekeepers - being known for her appearances on other people's content and creating her own - Japanese schools, Ktea's younger sister and shitty teachers PSA: Tracy Jones - Humancloud Abandonment re-released on Uncommon Records Musical Bed by #IllSugi ! Check out his album Warp Haze on #coldbusted Outro song: #Jinmenusagi "IDU" produced by #Ghostpops for #Tokyodopecity Find both Ktea 3ntertainer and Naomi on YouTube by

  • Temperature Check: Im Not Saying...Stay In The House w/ Justice

    Temperature Check: I'm Not Saying...Stay In The House w/ Justice

    17/01/2021 Duration: 01h04min

    Hello? This convo was recorded at the end of the year so please excuse any outdated info. We talk about Justice's recent moves, what the mood is like in Tokyo, and the difficulties & ethics of organizing during a pandemic. Justice is one of the most active participants in the scene so it was really interesting to hear his perspective on all the changes that have been going on. Make sure to follow Justice and The Bridge for updates on when things start popping again! And mask up, wash your hands, & stay safe! @jroc23_ @itsthebridge @nolawz_

  • MLS 137 Part 2: Apistogramma, Jodeci, and Graffiti Feat Remix  Yesca One

    MLS 137 Part 2: "Apistogramma, Jodeci, and Graffiti" Feat Remix & Yesca One

    08/01/2021 Duration: 01h38min

    Part two of our super long convo with two of graffiti's most prolific writers, Yesca One and Remix. Check part one for more information on Tokyos graff scene and thoughts on modern graffiti culture. Here we talk about early Scribble Jam, MF DOOM passing, have some questions for REMIX about his long history of writing, and we ask a bunch of questions about graffiti favorites. lots of shout outs to the great mysterious graff artists of our time. Plus music, breeding fish, R&B and getting drunk. Outro song: Linn Mori "In The Sky" from the collab EP Luviia @yescanada @dgulberry187 @megadesu @megalateshow

  • MLS 137: Only Retired In Tokyo featuring Yesca One  Remix

    MLS 137: "Only Retired In Tokyo" featuring Yesca One & Remix

    05/01/2021 Duration: 01h30min

    Rest in Power MF DOOM! Kicking off the new year with a podcast using the classic format of extra long episodes of in-depth subculture deep dives plus... alcohol! We got the infamous graff homies Yesca one and Remix back in studio! Yesca has been writing in Tokyo for over 17 years. When it comes to knowledge and experience in Tokyo, there are very few people that rival him. Especially English speakers. Then we have the world famous REMIX. A member of some of the most revered crews around the world. Thousands of trains bombed. Multiple countries and one of the most respected writers in the world. Some of the things we talk about - - Writing graffiti in Tokyo and the risk reward - Tokyo being a weak graffiti city and writing in Japan - Banksy and the distinctions of street art - Hitting private, municipal, or personal property - The changes in graffiti culture ethnics, double standards and not giving a fuck - Very 1, the king of Osaka - Anxiety, anger and relaxing in Tokyo - Where are all the B

  • Year-End Resolutions / MLS 会話 w/ Harry Stanwood

    Year-End Resolutions / MLS 会話 w/ Harry Stanwood

    01/01/2021 Duration: 48min

    Another year, another bunch of drops in your podcast feed. Thank you to all the listeners, old & new, stumble-uponers and day-ones, you are all appreciated! Saying goodbye and sayonara forever to 2020 and hoping for only the brightest of blessings in the big 2-1!! As we get back to our regular schedule in the new year, please enjoy this convo with the guy Harry of Harry's Sandwich Company. One of the earliest supporters of the podcast, this convo was done a couple months back just to see how the man has been holding up. He's been mentioned many times, but this is his MLS debut. Pls enjoy the premo content. You are all Tanaka's '21,

  • MLS 2020 Music Wrap-Up

    MLS 2020 Music Wrap-Up

    29/12/2020 Duration: 01h52min

    Me and Late grabbed the phone to discuss our favorite albums, artists, songs and everything else about the hip-hop music we listened to in 2020. Thank you to everyone thats recorded with us and a special thanks to the listeners!

  • Temperature Check: Went Into 2020 Thinkin, ...Its Gonna Be So Spectacular w/ Cal Combs

    Temperature Check: Went Into 2020 Thinkin, "...It's Gonna Be So Spectacular" w/ Cal Combs

    27/12/2020 Duration: 01h38min

    It's the return of Young Cal Combs! Here's a convo that was recorded awhile back with a show favorite. Cal Combs has appeared on multiple episodes and is one of the best people in general, period. He's been in America for a couple years now, so you can hear about his experiences since he returned from Japan. Teaching in NY, staying focused as an artist, and being out in the streets in the middle of protests all get touched on. Cal's albums are available to stream on all platforms, so go play that! Ya'll stay safe these holidays aand be smart IMMUNIZE YOUR MIND 2021

  • MLS 136 Part 2: Dream Gang featuring KraftyKid w/ A Valley

    MLS 136 Part 2: Dream Gang featuring KraftyKid w/ A Valley

    25/12/2020 Duration: 01h02min

    Part two with Kraftykid and A Valley of the Hilt Check part one for a little more information on KraftyKid and how they came to work on their new project Dream Gang. Here we share a bunch of their music including one unreleased single and also discuss their upcoming work with Ghostpops of Tokyo Dope City Studio. We also play a grip of new tokyo shit from Ill Sugi, Wez Atlas, VivaOla, Seeda & Ghostpops, Sirius B w/ G-Rillah, Jansport J and Benny, and finally some Sault. We finish up with some projects in our top 20 of the year and Black super hero powers activating. Outro track: Deza - Out of Sight @kraftykid_ @Mcgaburi @zehilt @illsugi

  • MLS 136:  A Spice, Not a Crutch Featuring KraftyKid with A Valley

    MLS 136: " A Spice, Not a Crutch" Featuring KraftyKid with A Valley

    22/12/2020 Duration: 01h08min

    Yo approaching the end of the year and weve almost collected all the Hilt Infinity Gems! KraftyKid aka McGaburi is an emcee, producer, songwriter and also an illustrator. He's one of the newest members of the Tokyo based hip-hop collective, the Hilt. We've almost had all members of the hilt on the pod and joining us as guest co-host is A Valley. KraftyKid and Valley are combining as Dream Gang and releasing an EP soon. We get into how KraftyKid joined the Hilt and how their music has developed. We also talk about: - Lil Wayne being dope at rapping but goofy with everything else - the developing Tokyo rap community and resurgence of lyricism - growing up in London with Guyanese and Nigerian parents - Starting making music young - Before Type beats, Mike and Earl Sweatshirt, Tyler - Why and how we listen to or assess the quality of music. - their creative process & how they write raps - living in Ikebukuro PSA - @MottoNice 20 Not Top 20 Upcoming show: Namboku Records at Battica on 12/26 @nambokurec

  • Temperature Check: You LEFT w/ Mike Magik

    Temperature Check: You LEFT w/ Mike Magik

    20/12/2020 Duration: 01h38min

    Still droppin these phone convo bombs. This episode is with Magic Mike, dancer slash MC extraordinaire. A lot has happened since he first appeared on the podcast a couple years ago. We talk about how he's been dealing with the pandemic in Shanghai. He saw it all go down as it happened and provides some insight on the response. He also is used to traveling for work so we get into how all of this has been effected by the various lockdowns and cancellations. We also get into how things have been going in Hong Kong, when he plans to get back to Japan, and preparing for life in the post-times. We're almost at the end of the tunnel, bb's. Can you see the light? @mikemagik83

  • MLS 135 Part 2: Telepathy is for Fkn Cops! featuring Ro Morikawa  Deza w/ Jet Axel

    MLS 135 Part 2: "Telepathy is for Fkn Cops!" featuring Ro Morikawa & Deza w/ Jet Axel

    17/12/2020 Duration: 01h38min

    Part two with Ro and Deza!!! Because my tremendous mistake in deleting the entire episode while resetting the language settings on my new laptop, I couldn't edit this episode. So the music is a little loud at times and stuff that I mention would remove, is there. But it's still dope and part two!! Where we share music and such! We play some of their tracks from Deza and Ro's new collaborative ep, Pick. Also discussing the topics, inspirations and approach. It's the end of the year so we share a few of our favorites. Limbo by Amine, Kota the Friend, Andy by Raleigh Ritchie, Zeal & Ardor, Crack Cloud, - Deza being of Somali descent and Black America's vaguely West African DNA - the Grammys, melodic rap and "Neo Boom Bap" - Quelle Chris, Chris Keys and Kiefer - Ro and Deza's top five favorite emcees - and we discuss getting super powers on December 21st! Remember: telepathy is for fckn cops! And never trust someone that picks Stryker in Mortal Kombat PSA: 19 year anniversary of the Cold Vein by Can

  • MLS 135: the 5th element is Aether featuring Deza  Ro Morikawa w/ Jet Axel

    MLS 135: "the 5th element is Aether" featuring Deza & Ro Morikawa w/ Jet Axel

    14/12/2020 Duration: 01h01min

    Universal greetings! Deza and Ro Morikawa are two of the newer faces in Tokyo music community. Both of them moved to Tokyo a little over a year ago and met through their English company. Deza is an emcee/ producer and Ro is pianist/ vocalist and producer. After a series of serendipitous events, they both found out that each other made music. So they decided come together, make some music and release the Pick EP. Go check that out all the streaming joints and also on fridays episode. Here on part one we take sometime to find out how they met and how they came together to make music. Also... - Ottawa and Virginia - Moving to Tokyo right before corona times - Poetry, Burroughs, the cut up method - Connecting with people in Tokyo - Normalizing complimenting men - What is hip-hop culture? Taking classes, defining it. @Rhythmcafe Nombe Dojo Musical Bed by Soul.dope.95 @jetaxel @morikawarollin @dezatoosweet @soul.dope.95 Outro : Nair B featuring Mj the Sensei & Hondo Felder - Earth's Children

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