NYC Based // Influential collective unifying those who strive to create their own happiness. HFG Sessions is a place where any individual can have the confidence to share their thoughts, ideas, and stories. Every person has story that another could relate to and/or learn from. Each guest brings a new experience and perspective to light that potentially could change the mindset of the listener. HUNTFORGOLD Sessions is meant to benefit anyone with knowledge or reassurance that they are not alone. Tell your story. With your host, Jeffrey Albert, welcome to HFG Sessions.#FindYourGold


  • HFG Sessions 28: ImSoMaleek

    HFG Sessions 28: ImSoMaleek

    15/08/2017 Duration: 42min

    There are very few people you can meet the day off and they simply wear their heart on their sleeve. An artist full of soul joined @huntforgoldco Sessions. What's more important: building a resume or a eulogy? As an artist there is an unspoken responsibility to carry a message in your music. This man is leaving it all on the table to change R&B. Bring back the love and soul. Really appreciate simply sitting down with passionate people. Listen to the man's latest project, Insomniak on Apple Music. Thank you, brotha. The future has something special coming.

  • HFG Sessions 27: Mike Galea

    HFG Sessions 27: Mike Galea

    08/08/2017 Duration: 43min

    Welcome back, Sessions. A month hiatus to clear my head. But the DAWG, Mike Galea is here. The young aspiring videographer and photographer shares his story. Known this dude for only a year and his ambition to create has only motivated every person around him to strive for greatness. Someone so fearless with no room for a plan B we can all learn from. Fear is your friend. 20 years old, dropped out of college, and turned a hobby into a profession. "Create or die." I needed this more than you think, brotha. You will be heard and trust me, this is only the beginning for you. -Jeffrey Albert

  • HFG Sessions 26: Derek Lewis

    HFG Sessions 26: Derek Lewis

    14/06/2017 Duration: 43min

    A long time friend, Derek Lewis, sits in the hot seat to share the importance of values and challenges. What are the motivators behind your day to day actions? This is one of the most difficult questions; why are you doing what you're doing every single day? Fuck, that's heavy. I've known this dude for such a long time and finding out he's a dedicated Session listener means everything. Values are the building blocks of each and every one of us. This Session brought to light how to make change in your own life. It all comes from within but there are so many conscious and unconscious external influences. Find out the why behind your life. It can and will change everything. Make goals & Execute x10. I needed this Session. Appreciate you, DL. Until next time.