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PUSH RADIO explores the rocky road of redemption in the motor city and other urban areas by starting with the premise that complaining is easy, but solutions is what will really make things better. We believe in discussing the issues in an open forum but also presenting them from the point of view of community leaders who witness the brokenness everyday. Each episode finds the host R Dot (Rufus Sims, the founder of The Push Network) moderating a conversation intensified by years of blight, forgotten school systems, hurt, and spiritual emptiness that exist in urban areas. The hurt is still theresometimes it comes out, but we also play music and motivational speeches that will encourage your day. Each episode comes out on a Wednesday to help listeners get over the hump in their week and keep PUSHing towards greatness.Send suggestions to rlsims@thepushnetwork.org #pushnetork #pushradio #pushwednesday


  • Episode 3 w/ guest Silver Danielle

    Episode 3 w/ guest Silver Danielle

    04/04/2017 Duration: 01h17min

    Episode #3 of Push Radio and online show live from PUSH STUDIOS in Detroit, Michigan. Featuring former CHH artist, music lover and founder of The Push Network / Push Detroit Rufus Sims aka R Dot and a rotating panel of guest discussing motivation, music, and life. Follow Push on Instagram and Twitter @PushDetroit and Facebook @ThePushNetwork. Email feedback to pushdetroitcity@gmail.com and find out more about the organization at www.pushdetroit.org. The YouTube Channel -https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpEqon0jz-mHHRD4zEoMpnQ Donate to neighborhoods in needs - www.youcaring.com/pushnetwork Follow Silver Danielle https://www.instagram.com/thatgirlsfly/ or www.herroyaldopeness.com Silver Danielle Interview @ 16:36 New Music @ 01:04:13 Question of the week @ 01:14:30

  • Workout Mix (Taken from PUSH RADIO Ep 2)

    Workout Mix (Taken from PUSH RADIO Ep 2)

    25/03/2017 Duration: 29min

    Enjoy this 30 min workout mix to help you get ready for the Summer ! #pushradio