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A new mix show hosted by Keerd. New episodes EVERY THURSDAY! Also tune in for Focus Mixes that will be posted every couple weeks. These focus mixes will be mixes recorded by Keerd, that focus on one artist.Subscribe on iTunes search: Share The Experience with KeerdLike on Facebook: out my Soundcloud:!


  • StE The 50th Episode

    StE The 50th Episode

    27/06/2013 Duration: 01h53min

    Welcome to episode 50 of Share The Experience! this special 2 hour ending to this year long experience is finally here. I am extremely proud to present the last episode of Share The Experience! I really put a ton of effort into this mix like over 20 hours worth of work. The first half is mainly songs that I recently can't stop listening to and then moves into the second half where I mix more of the classic songs that got me into trance. I put dialog in as well to add more to some of the music, I'm sure you will enjoy this beautiful and epic ending to the show. TOMORROW!!!! my new EP releases tomorrow! Arrival has finally arrived and all the songs from it are in this mix my little treat to you. here is the link to my soundcloud to hear new releases, future (non-share-the-experience) mixes... I will be posting more stuff on it to keep it up to date with what I'm working on anyways here is the tracklist to this epic journey: 1. Frozen - Alex Keerd 2. Rift (Andrew Baye

  • StE Ep. 49 (Third of the Final Four) [Boards of Canada Mix]

    StE Ep. 49 (Third of the Final Four) [Boards of Canada Mix]

    20/06/2013 Duration: 57min

    Welcome to the last normal episode of Share The Experience! In light of Boards Of Canada's newest album release on June 10th "Tomorrow's Harvest" I've gone back and listened to them again lately... I've never mixed their music so I gave it a shot and you are listening to it now.. Next week is the last episode of StE, Episode 50. This 2 hour long journey I have prepared for you will be heavenly I'm insanely excited about it! It will also feature the songs from my EP that will release the DAY AFTER EPISODE 50, FRIDAY JUNE 28th! So next week is gonna be huge for me. I will still release mixes every now and then in the time after Share The Experience and before the next mix show starts... They will be posted downloadable here: Here is the tracklist for this week's mix: 1. Reach For The Dead (Original Mix) - Boards Of Canada 2. Julie and Candy - Boards Of Canada 3. Left Side Drive - Boards Of Canada 4. In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country - Boards Of Canada 5. Everything

  • StE Ep. 48 (Second of the Final Four) [Progressive House Edition]

    StE Ep. 48 (Second of the Final Four) [Progressive House Edition]

    13/06/2013 Duration: 01h25s

    Welcome to the 48th episode of Share The Experience. We are so close to episode 50 I can't wait to share with you that 2 hour long experience! For this week we are on our second of the "Final Four" episodes! And as I promised last week it's gonna be the very last Progressive House Mix. so Enjoy it cuz it is a journey to be discovered! here is this week's tracklist: 1. Lullaby (Intro Mix) - Marsh 2. Nihil (Original Mix) - Atlantis Ocean 3. Talamanca Beach (Vitodito Remix) - Talamanca 4. Soul Power '74 (Sax Power 2K13) - Gary Caos 5. So It Goes (Original Mix) - Boom Jinx, Andrew Bayer Track Of The Week: 6. A Deeper Shade (Original Mix) - Matt Lange 7. The Balance (Original Mix) - Nigel Good 8. Pacific (Original Mix) - Oliver Smith 9. Walls Feat. Maxx Hennard (Shawn Mitiska Dub Mix) - Dan & Sam 10. Echo (Original Mix) - Eleven.Five 11. Nothing (Original Mix) - En-Core