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Two Scotsman in a dark room with mics


  • Shoite for shore eyesh (The late late Christmas Show)

    Shoite for shore eyesh (The late late Christmas Show)

    24/02/2009 Duration: 57min

    The backlash to the censors is not, eh.......... subtle. Our interpid heroes let rip right from the get go. Bleep is it? I'll gee ye %^&*$ bleep! Those of a nervous disposition should cover their ears.........come to think of it, those of a nervous disposition shouldn't even be listening to this unless........the Dark Side is calling them, "Come my pretty, come to the foul mouthers. Take a walk on the profane side. And the coloured girls go" f!"£$, s"£$%^, b$%^&&**, c&*(&" Christmas Shitebag

  • Bliadhna Mhath Ùr!

    Bliadhna Mhath Ùr!

    08/01/2009 Duration: 21min

    DMP on BBC Somerset's morning show with Emma Britton talking about the imminent latest CD and performing "Here comes the weekend" "Trees" and "Richie Havens". George and Gordon invite you start the new year with DMP . "Bliadhna Mhath Ùr!"

  • The Great Swaldo Caper

    The Great Swaldo Caper

    10/12/2008 Duration: 55min

    Well, it happened. They've put a gag order on the boys. Profanity will only get you so far. The man from the agency said and I quote, 'It's not big and it's not clever'. We'll see. Citizens of the world, rise up and shake off the shackles of oppression. The pursuit of life, love, chocolate fingers and the undeniable right to swear like a docker at low tide is something our ancestors fought for, died for and cursed about. In the mean time, enjoy tales from the cradle of civilisation, the well of inspiration, the ugly but lovely city of Glasgow. With a bit of Lennoxtown and Paisley thrown in. Meet two guys who are shadier than Shady Sadie, the Lampshade seller, Shug and Ned Sed. They will return in episode 6, more profane than ever. To quote that wise philosopher Kevin Costner, If you want it, they will curse.

  • What’s the frequency, Deaf Jeff?

    What’s the frequency, Deaf Jeff?

    20/11/2008 Duration: 54min

    This month’s tosh mentions , the birth of George’s son Mikey, the two twats playing live again, Gordon’s passing out parade in Verona, Glasgow Celtic (again) and Glasgow Rangers (keepin’ it balanced here)brain salad surgery, a punch up on air, a couple of live acoustic numbers, a detailed in depth description of Gordon’s live guitar rig (rivetting) the lottery numbers for the next 4 years, it just goes on and on........

  • Profanity, profanity..........wherefore art thou?

    Profanity, profanity..........wherefore art thou?

    21/05/2008 Duration: 59min

    This month's drivel includes sex, drugs and rock'n'roll..... again. So last century, your may say, but wait....the US elections(Bampot, the Manchurian candidate and who put the Hilary in country music - Langley alert), the movies Liquid Sky and Hot Rock,flippy floppy talk, guitar nerds corner, Stevie's jingle, new tunes,guitarist jokes, Glasgow Celtic, Ronnie Glavin..... havvarissen peeps, you know you want to

  • Badges? We dont need no steenkin badges

    Badges? We don't need no steenkin' badges

    11/03/2008 Duration: 59min

    Embracing religion, gear, Salma Hayek (yes please) and JLo (congrats George on the nuptials). Also featuring new never heard before tracks from the upcoming latest CD from our intrepid heroes. The boys (ha) discuss hobbits and other netherworld creatures, cars, Voyager, movies, the weather, language...... aawww listen tae it yerself! It's all sex, drugs and Rock 'n Roll, well, sex is intimated (naked and covered in chocolate), drugs are implied (Jimmy "the Moose" plied wi' drugs) and the other maybe should be heederum hoderum (a teuchter expression adopted and perverted by Glaswegians as you hoder 'im and I'll heider 'im- boom boom - hope that's not copyright Basil (the fox... hmm weird) Brush

  • Fifteen nine!

    "Fifteen nine!"

    11/03/2008 Duration: 59min

    This month, the boys try to make the Glaswegian dialect the new esperanto, talk about dead French lookalikes, discuss the upcoming US democrat nominations with considerable insight and continue to make giggling schoolboys look like ivy league sophisticates. Fifteen nine it is!