Sub Bass Soundscapes



We are three guys from Sydney with a penchant for electronic music.We are here to share some of our favourites with anyone who wants to listen. All deeper, forward thinking, bass influenced sounds., Waz & Benji


  • Sub Bass MixScape #15 - Pilarties

    Sub Bass MixScape #15 - Pilarties

    02/07/2013 Duration: 59min

    Pilarties is both an alias for 3 young pirates ransacking the crates of love as well as a series of semi-regular Sunday parties held at Ching-a-Lings on Sydney’s Oxford Street. The main purpose of the Pilarties vessel is to free the forgotten generations of eclecticism that many see as redundant in the current electronic music scene and breathe new life into these classic trax as well as liberating your ears and opening your mind to new horizons. We also love playing and hearing new music from friends and like-minded artists and sharing our knowledge and love for rare vinyl. Ultimately our influences are as diverse as our own personalities and range from 70s Kraut and Disco to 80s Synthpop and Italo and of course 90s House and RnB. This mix is from ⅓ of our ensemble Digby who has put together an hour of downtempo, balearic, house, synthpop and cosmic beats for your aural pleasure, all trax are on da wax The next Pilarties is on the 28th of July so if you likey what you hear please come join us for a bevvy an

  • Sub Bass MixScape #14 - Matttt

    Sub Bass MixScape #14 - Matttt

    24/05/2013 Duration: 01h29min

    Matttt likes techno. this is 1.5 hours of some techno he's really liking right now. Here's what Matttt had to say about said mixtape; I was very happy to oblige when Statz, Benji & Waz asked me to put a mix together for them. DJing for me has been an interesting pursuit over the past 18 months, mainly due to the less prominent position that it's taken in my life. Funnily enough I think this has definitely allowed me to appreciate the fun side of it again, and I hope that this mix is a reflection of that. Heavily influenced by messrs Klock and others, this is a 90 minute mix of hypnotic, groovy, balls to the wall (fitting if you knew my current ailment) techno, that i hope you'll enjoy listening/getting down to/switching off.

  • Sub Bass MixScape #13 - Ladman6

    Sub Bass MixScape #13 - Ladman6

    30/04/2013 Duration: 01h29min

    So for the 13th episode of our MixScape series we have been blessed with some of the freshest house from one of our own. Ladman6 AKA Benji contributes to 1/3 of Sub Bass Soundscapes. He's done very well here, mixed live all on vinyl not much else to say, have a listen. then play it for your friends when you are feeling like a little party is in order.