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Hyperactive chipmunks singing yours and their favorite songs. Request your own, or just listen in each week.


  • Episode 13.5: Update

    Episode 13.5: Update

    19/02/2007 Duration: 07min

    -Episode 13.5 -The episodes are going to be bi-weekly now. -See ya' in 2 weeks -Contact us at

  • Episode 13: Frank

    Episode 13: Frank

    19/02/2007 Duration: 12min

    -Episode 13 -This week Frank will start being the host -Song Lineup ~Chicken Dance ~Dead Mans Chest- Hans Zimmer ~Pink Panther Theme ~Whip It - Devo ~C is for Cookie - Sesame Street -Website @ -Contact us at:

  • Episode 12(AUDIO) ~~ Classical

    Episode 12(AUDIO) ~~ Classical

    16/02/2007 Duration: 18min

    -Episode 12 -Happy Valentines Day! -Sorry this is late -Site Still not out -Song Lineup ~Star Wars Theme - John Williams ~What is This Feeling - Wicked ~Fidelity - Regina Spektor ~The Phantom Menace - John Williams ~Weave the Yarn - Mary Knickle -Contact us at: -Site:

  • Episode 11 (AUDIO) ~~ Cat amp the Irish Songs

    Episode 11 (AUDIO) ~~ Cat & the Irish Songs

    05/02/2007 Duration: 16min

    EDIT: The ending has been Fixed. :) -This is Episode 11 of the Mega-Speed Chipmunks Podcast -This week we have another guest host, Catherine (Cat) -ALL SONGS THIS WEEK ARE EXPLICIT!! -These are all Irish/Celtic songs and the reason for that being is that one person requested them all and thats the only person who requested anything. -Song Lineup: ~Beer is Better Than Women - Axelsot ~A Port in Every Girl - The Jolly Rogers ~London Town - The Limey Birds ~The Pudding Song - Seamore ~The Farmer - Wicked Tinkers -Thanks to Emily for all the requests, we have honored your request not to say your name on the podcast..... but not in the show notes :P -You can contact us at & visit the currently non- available site at

  • Episode 10 (AUDIO)~~ Guest Host #1: Grace

    Episode 10 (AUDIO)~~ Guest Host #1: Grace

    31/01/2007 Duration: 17min

    Episode 10 of the Mega-Speed Chipmunks Podcast. This week we have a special guest, my friend Grace. Also, we have a website. You can go it it at: [NO .COM] Song Lineup: ~How to Save a Life -Originally by: The Frey ~California- Originally by: Phantom Planet ~Transatlanticism- Originally by: Death Cab for Cutie ~July, July!- Originally by: The Decemberists ~Birdhouse in your soul - Originally by: They Might Be Giants Thanks to Chris, Andrea, Jospeh, Becky, and some invisiable aliens in my head. Send your requests to See ya Next Week!

  • Episode 9 (AUDIO)~~ 5 Songs a Week

    Episode 9 (AUDIO)~~ 5 Songs a Week

    23/01/2007 Duration: 12min

    Episode 9 of the Mega-Speed Chipmunks Podcast. -We are working on a website -New E-Mail: -We will now play 5 songs a week. Song Lineup: ~Mr.Brightside - The Killers ~Every time We Touch- Cascada ~Istanbul (Not Constantinople) - They Might be Giants ~Super Rad- Auqabats ~The Internet is for Porn- Avenue Q Thanks to Catherine, Victor, Chris, Tiffany, & Brad for the song requests this week! See ya' Next Week.

  • Episode 8 (AUDIO)~The Beginning of No Video

    Episode 8 (AUDIO)~The Beginning of No Video

    15/01/2007 Duration: 07min

    -This is Episode 8 of the Mega-Speed Chipmunks. -Song Lineup for the Week of 01/15/07: ~Cotton Eye Joe- Rednex ~Move Along- The All American Rejects ~I Write Sins not Tragedies- Panic! At the Disco -Thanks to Victor for the Requests this week. Make sure to send in your own requests to -See Ya' Next Week

  • Episode 7 (AUDIO) ~~ Wierd Al

    Episode 7 (AUDIO) ~~ Wierd Al

    09/01/2007 Duration: 06min

    This Will Be the Last Episode with Video. Watch The Podcast Feed so you can listen to it each week though! RSS FEED: Podcast Site: Songs Lineup: ~Canadian Idiot ~Don't Download This Song ~White & Nerdy All these songs were originally by: Weird Al Thanks to Kim for the request for this album! My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-1c0a1a602a0648d49b6a5c92af59b5ab}

  • Episode 6 (AUDIO) ~ Chagin Up The Format This Week

    Episode 6 (AUDIO) ~ Chagin' Up The Format This Week

    03/01/2007 Duration: 05min

    Episode 6 of the Mega Speed Chipmunks. The Audio Version. Next Week, you will be able to hear what the words say on the video version. This weeks songs: ~ Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn- hellogoodbye ~Boys and Girls- Good Charolette ~This Ain't a Scene, It's An Arm's Race- Fall Out Boy Thanks for the requests! Send requests to: