A podcast on the world of Hindi film and non-film music. Covering artists and albums ranging from the golden era to the present.


  • Sangeetkaar Shankar-Jaikishan शंकर-जयकिशन

    Sangeetkaar Shankar-Jaikishan शंकर-जयकिशन

    07/06/2007 Duration: 27min

    An Introduction to Shankar-Jaikishan - arguably the most popular composer duo of the golden era of Hindi film music. Please don't forget to leave your comments about the podcast.

  • Sangeetkaar Madan Mohan

    Sangeetkaar Madan Mohan

    15/04/2006 Duration: 29min

    Madan Mohan is undisputably the Ghazal king of Hindi film music. But composing Ghazals was just one of his expertise. Be it the shokh 'jhumakaa giraa re' or the poignant 'tuu jahaa.N jahaa.N chalegaa', his mastery was at full display in a wide genre of songs. The lyrical excellence of most of his songs also betrays his good understanding of poetry. The evergreen melodious nature of his compositions ensured that 'Veer Zaara' - an album of his compositions released long after his death - was liked by all. This podcast tries to take a look at his work. Your opinions and comments are welcome.

  • Sangeetkaar Salil Chowdhury

    Sangeetkaar Salil Chowdhury

    15/03/2006 Duration: 30min

    Instant hits! Instant Classics! Straight from Japan.

  • Sangeetkaar Salil Chowdhury

    Sangeetkaar Salil Chowdhury

    15/03/2006 Duration: 30min

    An Introduction to Salil Chowdhury - the genius music composer. His compositions have rare combination of melody and harmony, folk and classical, simplicity and complexity. One of the most versatile composers in Hindi film music, SalilC was also a writer and a poet. He was a major component of and contributor to the golden age of HFM. Before he died in 1995, he composed for over 75 films in Hindi and many in other Indian languages including Bengali and Malayalam. Enjoy some of his music in this podcast...