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  • Jon Anderson and I dreaming LOUD

    Jon Anderson and I dreaming LOUD

    19/12/2011 Duration: 02min

    (acoustic by DanniBOI Boyle Heights Musician) Dream Loud stand up for the world stand up for your rights stand up for the good stand up for the good in man dont get pushed around dont get shaken up dont get brushed around dont be feared dont be upside down moving on movin on [moving] you can move it all you cann the DREAM take what you can get know that there is right know that there is love know that there is heaven send you can find the world is always going to be always, always going to be the world is always going to be a little crazy dont get turned around dont get messed around dont get taken back always win when u want you can have it all and all all and all you can have it all and alll you can have it all you can have it all in this world moving on moving on you can move it all you can

  • HoldUSback


    29/09/2011 Duration: 04min

    (esedaz & legaspi, 2010) THe collaboration between a counselor & teacher. Everytime Arrellano and I collaborate we get along and make great music. He is a talented artist, I really enjoy the story of the song. We made this to inspire the super scholars to graduate with pride. I am singing the hook and love it. It was a great opportunity to get back in the studio. To do a song like this made me feel good and reflects my passion for what I do.

  • iGotTHEace


    14/07/2009 Duration: 03min

    BeastieBoys Instrumental (cuzin of death 2008) Mixtape, just felt like saying a few pieces of thought to roc'...the beat is so addictive lyrics are random poetic expression of interpretation on acing the favorite part was getting loose on the backend of the cut. Make music, have academic artist project...first verse written, second verse obvious freestylin'

  • HowComeJamSession


    14/07/2009 Duration: 01min

    DanniBoi & I, (Jam out session 2009) the lost tapes, before we made the final howcome we were playing with all kinds of lyrics, this is a release of an exclusive live version of howcome and the melodies played with to make the final cut. Enrique Gabriel

  • MJ the icon

    MJ the icon

    11/07/2009 Duration: 03min

    Freestyle Verse, MJ Tribute (Nato Instrumental, 2009 Lyrics freestyled by Enrique Gabriel, the Teacher, borrowed lyric from man in the mirror, mj) Mahal kita MJ!

  • How Come

    How Come

    05/12/2008 Duration: 02min

    original composition (Enrique Gabriel, the Teacher; DanniBoi, the Student; Renato Lopez, the Producer) A collaboration'

  • theSweetest


    03/11/2008 Duration: 02min

    MakeUmine (Danni Boi Instrumental Acoustics / Guitar Composition by Student, Lyrics freestyled by Enrique Gabriel Legaspi) We did one song together already, so its really just about building... collaborating to make music that best represents our struggles or simply the expression, the thoughts we have about love, school, work, family. Our inspiration is transcribed into the sounds we produce. Word Up like a crossword puzzle.

  • Sorry


    12/10/2008 Duration: 58s

    Lo Siento(9th wonder Instrumental) I made this song in response to the pain I felt after I did something really wrong. I make mistakes, this happened to be one of those where I had to reflect on my weaknesses and think about how to reamain ambitions and takle what hurts and make it into determination. There is a girl whom is the most special to me...she inspires me to be who I am, to push the envelope and take it to new heights!

  • aFreestyleRap


    11/10/2008 Duration: 01min

    Player (Player; Slum Village, J Dilla Instrumental / Classic Vintage) Came home picked the first track to freestyle on and this is what came out. I like it.

  • itLOOKSlikeU


    27/09/2008 Duration: 02min

    Look of Love(9th Wonder Instrumental) This song is part of a series of songs dedicated to someone special...'ME'