Aj Quest's Trancewave Sound Sessions



Step into my world and sit back and relax with me, AJ Quest, as I take your mind on a euphoric journey with uplifting and melodic mixe's that are sure to make your mind forget the negative vibes of daily life.


  • AJ Quest - LoveMotion

    AJ Quest - LoveMotion

    28/03/2011 Duration: 57min

    Brand new mix from yours truly:)Been a while since my last posting of a new episode so enjoy everyone!

  • AJ Quest Vs Ryan Lee- Biomasquerade

    AJ Quest Vs Ryan Lee- Biomasquerade

    29/10/2009 Duration: 01h18min

    Nasty, Dirty, dark Progressive and Trance just in time for Halloween. Ryan Lee and myself split this mix in half for your enjoyment. Ryan Lee from start- 32:00 minutes AJ Quest from 32:00-67:27 min then we go back to back remaining songs:) Please leave feedback and we hope you enjoy our new mix.

  • AJ Quest- The Visit

    AJ Quest- The Visit

    19/09/2009 Duration: 01h16min

    Brand new promo from yours truely:) Dont hesitate to listen and comment on:) You'll love it.

  • AJ Quest LIVE @ Skyway Beach 07/11/2009

    AJ Quest LIVE @ Skyway Beach 07/11/2009

    22/07/2009 Duration: 01h33min

    Live @ Skyway Bridge Beach 07/11/2009