I'm With The Band



Get your front row ticket to interviews and jam sessions with up and coming bands and talent. Local flair, raw talent, and a passion for music are what our guests bring to the table. Get a sneak peak of a performance and find out what really motivates them for success in the music industry.


  • I'm With The Band: Bandits On The Run

    22/10/2015 Duration: 43min
  • I'm With The Band: Porch 40

    02/06/2015 Duration: 42min
  • I'm With The Band: The Quick Walkers

    30/10/2014 Duration: 38min
  • I'm With The Band: Holly Lorette

    09/09/2014 Duration: 45min
  • I’m With the Band: The Woodersons

    06/12/2013 Duration: 43min
  • I'm With the Band: A Time Devised

    09/05/2013 Duration: 29min
  • I'm With the Band: Moore Bothers Band

    28/03/2013 Duration: 33min
  • I’m With the Band: Tori Sparks

    10/01/2013 Duration: 54min
  • I'm With The Band: Kyle Vincent

    19/10/2012 Duration: 51min
  • I’m With the Band: Tim Galliher

    24/09/2012 Duration: 32min
  • I’m With the Band: My Darling Clementine

    14/09/2012 Duration: 35min
  • I’m With the Band: Henry River

    07/07/2012 Duration: 49min
  • I'm With the Band: Sydney Shepherd

    29/06/2012 Duration: 25min
  • I'm With the Band: Rick Cline

    14/05/2012 Duration: 33min
  • I'm With the Band: Will Willis

    30/03/2012 Duration: 34min
  • I'm With the Band: Yarn

    17/02/2012 Duration: 47min
  • I'm With the Band: The Logic

    07/02/2012 Duration: 57min
  • I'm With the Band: Puddingstone

    20/12/2011 Duration: 32min
  • I'm With the Band: Sanctum Sully

    25/11/2011 Duration: 28min
  • I'm With the Band: The Belfast Boys

    18/10/2011 Duration: 40min
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