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  • BJezus 19 The Grand CD Launch pt 3

    B'Jezus 19 The Grand CD Launch pt 3


    Candles + beer + friends = BJ's BIRTHDAY! Stew visits as the boys celebrate with pt 3 of the Manly Boatshed gig

  • BJezus 20 INTERLUDE (Round)

    B'Jezus 20 INTERLUDE (Round)


    Classic poddage interlude as the boys reinterpret their classic 'Round'

  • BJezus 18 The Grand CD Launch pt 2

    B'Jezus 18 The Grand CD Launch pt 2


    Cheers, beers and the second part of the boys' new legendary Manly Boatshed set, topped and tailed by the usual drivel delivered from high above Sydney harbour

  • BJezus 17 The Grand CD Launch Podcast pt 1

    B'Jezus 17 The Grand CD Launch Podcast pt 1


    Live from The Old Manly Boatshed, the boys introduce part one of their star-studded CD launch party

  • BJezus 16 Christmas Poddage

    B'Jezus 16 Christmas Poddage


    Rejoice rejoice, the prodigal podcast returns - with Santa vs the Angels over six rounds of tasty cocktails, PLUS moths sucking the tears of sleeping birds...

  • BJEZUS 15 Interrupted (SUNSHINE)

    B'JEZUS 15 Interrupted (SUNSHINE)


    Power down, laptop down. But the boys are back on the Pod.

  • BJezus 14 Bad Boy (LOVE POLICE)

    B'Jezus 14 'Bad Boy' (LOVE POLICE)


    New colours, Narnia, live tinkling - and a 2004 B'JEZUS CLASSIC performed live in Sydney...

  • BJezus Cocktail Lounge 13 Buddha (WALK INTO THE SUN)

    B'Jezus Cocktail Lounge 13 'Buddha' (WALK INTO THE SUN)


    Sorry for the long gap - busy mastering the new CD!This week: Isaac arrives, Jez loses it, more guff, and the never-to-be-heard-again Penguin song

  • BJezus 12 - 12 Monkeys (KANGAROO ST)

    B'Jezus 12 - 12 Monkeys (KANGAROO ST)


    '12 Monkeys' - the word game not the movie. TWO songs this week and some complete drivel as prelude.

  • BJezus Cocktail Lounge UNPLUGGED

    B'Jezus Cocktail Lounge UNPLUGGED


    The piano's out tonight, so it's live tinkling from the lads high above the lights of Sydney Harbour

  • BJezus X Cocktail Lounge (LIFE)

    B'Jezus 'X' Cocktail Lounge (LIFE)


    Chat, orgies and Wombles in a strange rambling Cocktail Lounge

  • BJezus Reunion Podcast (NOTHING AFTER ALL)

    B'Jezus Reunion Podcast (NOTHING AFTER ALL)


    The clink of bots as B'Jezus return to the pod.

  • BJezus Solo Pod (GO FOR THAT)

    B'Jezus Solo Pod (GO FOR THAT)


    With BJ away, Jez confuses all by starting with the end of last week's podcast

  • BJezus 6 Conspiracies (ROUND)

    B'Jezus 6 Conspiracies (ROUND)


    Parental guidance advised as Stew arrives for Conspiracy Corner, plus your chance to name a B'Jezus track!

  • Its the Fascinating Rhythm of the Big BJezus (SUNSHINE)

    It's the Fascinating Rhythm of the Big B'Jezus (SUNSHINE)


    The premier of 'Sunshine', plus thrilling revelations about Beatrix Potter.