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  • KNOBCAST - Episode Three

    KNOBCAST - Episode Three

    04/12/2011 Duration: 01h16min

    This is the first Knobcast for 2011. The Knobrock gang go over the high-lights and low-lights of 2010; they count down their favourite albums, revere comedian Ricky Gervais and announce who had the biggest epic fail of 2010. As usual, they attempt to entertain the listeners with their pointless and irreverent banter, yet as usual, they're thoroughly entertaining themselves. © 2011 All Worldwide Rights Reserved

  • Knobcast - Episode Five

    Knobcast - Episode Five

    04/12/2011 Duration: 24min

    In this episode the team discuss Steven Tyler and Great Lengths hair extensions, Courtney Love's disapproval of Dave Grohl's expenditure, Knobcast mail and of course, What's Annoying Lily. © KNOBROCK 2011 All Worldwide Rights Reserved

  • KNOBCAST -Episode One

    KNOBCAST -Episode One

    04/12/2011 Duration: 26min

    The first in a series of podcasts by knobrock. Don't bother listening to this one as it's shit. The knobrock gang talk about who's who in knobrock, the death of Ronnie James Dio, the Anthrax reunion and 'what's annoying Lily.' © KNOBROCK 2011 All worldwide rights reserved

  • Knobcast - Episode Four

    Knobcast - Episode Four

    22/11/2011 Duration: 34min

    In this episode the Knobcast gang talk about Axel Rose and his tumble, they give praise to Anthrax's new album - Worship Music, they discuss Ace Frehley and his new book release and they welcome back What's Annoying Lily. © 2011 All Worldwide Rights Reserved

  • KNOBCAST - Episode Two

    KNOBCAST - Episode Two

    22/11/2011 Duration: 43min

    If you thought episode one was shit, you were right, but check out episode two and all will be forgiven. This week the knobrockers introduce J.C. Not THAT J.C. - the other one. Together, this twisted gang of three discuss The Big Four tour, Lindsay Lohan and delve deep into the world of wine-making and debate whether or not rock and metal bands should really be there. This episode is low-brow and contains explicit language, so if you're underage, be warned. We're not going to court over swearwords because some little doucher couldn't listen to obscene language through his headphones. © KNOBROCK 2011 All rights reserved