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Camp Metal is a podcast combining our love of campy horror films and all that is metal. Every episode focuses on one specific album or horror film with various sprinklings of metal and movie news. If you're a fan of brutal music and brutal movies, give us a listen.


  • The Outlier that is Twelve Foot Ninja.

    The Outlier that is Twelve Foot Ninja.

    30/08/2016 Duration: 01h24min

    This week we talk about the "Album of the year" contender, "Outlier" by Twelve Foot Ninja. This is a band that oozes pure musicianship and we break down why that is. First we get in to some news including, our boy Wes Scantlin, Dave Lombardo joining Misfits for some shows, The new Metallica track and much more! LIKE, SHARE, FOLLOW, and SUBSCRIBE!