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  • May DMM \\ Jason Herskowitz, Hatchet  Tomahawk

    May DMM \\ Jason Herskowitz, Hatchet & Tomahawk

    21/05/2014 Duration: 36min

    Jason Herskowitz is a self-proclaimed "music/tech nerd with a bad social media habit." At a young age he instantly became a diehard music fan, and a lover of all things tech. His career went on to marry those two loves. He started as an artist manager and owner of a small indie record label. More recently, Jason served as Director of Products for AOL Music (Winamp, AOL Radio, MusicNow), the VP of Product for TotalMusic, the Sony / Universal Music joint venture, and then LimeWire. So he knows a thing or two about digital music. Digital Music Monthly’s Kenn Richards sat down with him to discuss the past, present and future of the streaming and subscription based music. And topics like: - how connectivity on phones completely changed how we consume music when we went from EDGE to 4G - whether windowing music is a good idea - the ability to access your music on one platform instead of it being locked behind each music provider Plug in and take a listen to May’s Digital Music Monthly.

  • April DMM \\ Rose Noone, Music Industry Veteran

    April DMM \\ Rose Noone, Music Industry Veteran

    24/04/2014 Duration: 31min

    When trying to understand the music industry and how things have changed since the boon in the 1990s to the digital evolution today, it’s best to speak with someone who lived through it. Enter Rose Noone. Rose started her career at Island Records in 1990, the year that “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips and “It Must Have Been Love” by Roxette dominated the radio airwaves. For almost 20 years she worked in A&R at leading labels including Island, Epic and then Warner. Throughout her career she signed and worked with acts like Shakira, Nine Inch Nails, Howie Day and Macy Gray. Rose sat down with our host Kenn Richards to discuss her years at the labels to her more recent thoughts on digital marketing and promotion for artists and a discussion on how brand to band partnerships continue to take off.

  • March DMM \\ Benji Rogers, Pledge Music

    March DMM \\ Benji Rogers, Pledge Music

    28/02/2014 Duration: 32min

    For the first installment of Digital Music Monthly, F#’s Kenn Richards sat down with head of Pledge Music’s Benji Rogers to discuss the current state of the industry and how Pledge is thinking outside of the box by reconnecting fans and musicians to create memorable experiences and lasting music. Pledge Music is a direct to fan platform that brings artists and fans together allowing fans to be a part of the creation process. And through fan support Pledge artists can make the music they want without having to rely on the labels that tell them no; it’s a new day and the possibilities are endless! And with that, take it away Kenn… _ Appendix to Podcast Reddit AMA with Benji Rogers of Pledge Music Benji's first band: Ben Rogers Band renamed Marwood Awesome Pledge Music Projects: