D-pulse Housework Podcast





  • HOUSEWORK | 012

    HOUSEWORK | 012

    10/04/2020 Duration: 56min

    Manuel Costela, Rafa Santos - Driving To The East [Mate Spain] A/B Sides - Kjr [A/B Sides] Nekow - Mimas [Dailycid] DISKOP - Beaton [WHITELOOPS] Laurence Guy - The Sun Is Warm and Directly [Shall Not Fade] Red Meat Therapy - Proper [OGE] Alland Byallo - Stegosaurus [Full Bleed] Ruede Hagelstein - Dort [Do Not Sit On The Furniture] LoSoul - A Different Wave [Mule Musiq] Otik - Actress [Intergraded] Dave Aju - Txlax [Mule Musiq] Tender Games - Movin' [Midnight Snacks] Axel Boman - Eyes Of My Mind [Studio Barnhus]

  • HOUSEWORK | 011

    HOUSEWORK | 011

    26/11/2018 Duration: 01h26s

    Arturo Garcés - Homebase [Robsoul Records] Paul C - Dubstarr [Moon Harbour Records] Nacho Marco - Feed My Soul (ft. Brian Zalmijn) [Loudeast Records] Office Gossip - Var. II [Winding Road Records] Paul2Paul - Nothing But The Bass [Supremus Records] Vhyce - Got Your Thing [Boogie Angst Records] Sidney Charles - Dub Trap [Intec Records] Parliament Of House - Inside (Deep Inside) [PURPLE Records] RE.you - Without You [Connected Frontline Records] Topspin, Dmit Kitz - Hummel [Save Room Records] Jimi Jules - Othervision [Watergate Records] Faded Void - Variation One (Cecyl Remix) [One Thousand Wires Audio] Anonimaly - La Blessure (Fred Everything remix) [Supremus Records]

  • HOUSEWORK | 010

    HOUSEWORK | 010

    31/10/2017 Duration: 59min

    Trus’me - Dark Flow (Andres Remix) [Prime Numbers] Fritz - Wentnik - Theme 02 [Wolf Music] D-Pulse - Get Lost (Photay Remix) [Detail Co.] Youandewan - Stranger (Glad Eye Mix) [Voyage] Archie Hamilton - Works On Sunday [Fuse London] Jimpster - Step By Step [Suol] Skream - Let it Go [Of Unsound Mind] Stimming ft. Urzula Amen - From One Cell [Diynamic] Yarosslav - Canopy [Seven Villas] Atjazz - Track 7 (Mix 1) [Atjazz Record Company] ILO - Beautiful Place [Rebith] Tomoki Tamura - Quiet Air Gun [89:Ghost]

  • HOUSEWORK | 009

    HOUSEWORK | 009

    20/11/2016 Duration: 58min

    Rainer Trueby - Welcome to Our World [Compost] ID Laurence Guy - Edelweiss [Church] Milton Jackson - M.L.A. [Dark Energy] Axel Boman - Moon Dancer [Third Try] Save! - Darkness In The Middle (Lipelis Remix) [Les Disques De La Mort] Youandewan - Waiting For L [Aus Music] Nicholas - Alma ft. Paul Cut [Church] Lapien - Vexed [Rekids] TRP - That Old Feeling [Shall Not Fade] Simian Mobile Disco - Flying Or Falling [Delicacies] Sickdisco - Beats [Fox Trax]

  • HOUSEWORK | 008

    HOUSEWORK | 008

    22/04/2016 Duration: 55min

    Chrissy - Presidential Astrologer (Savile Remix) [Freerange] Fat Freddy’s Drop - Cortina Motors [The Drop] Cerrone - Bodytalk [Because Music] My System Echo - My Revival (Ron Basejam Remix) [Classic Music Company] Leon Vynehall - Blush [Running Back] Lay-Far - Another Way (The Siren Song) [Local Talk] Giovanni Damico - La Dame Et Le Conga [Faces] Fold - Rosie Lea [Aus Music] Ugly Drums - Who's Getting Down [City Fly] Holtoug - Stay In Love (Instrumental) [Halfendisko] Weval - I Don't Need It [Kompakt] Wrong Copy - In To 5 [Marcel Dettmann Records]

  • HOUSEWORK | 007

    HOUSEWORK | 007

    08/08/2015 Duration: 59min

    D-Pulse - Astronomers (Harvey Sutherland remix) [Vernal] Chocky - Secret Voyagers [Secret Reels] The Phantom - Punkt [Transatlantyk] M.S. - Moodbot [Housewax] Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - Crusin [Editorial] Omar Santis - Stark Champagne [Karakul] Hokuto Sato - Where Does Time Go? [Neovinyl] Marbert Rocel - I Wish I Knew [Compost] Dwig - Orange Evening [Laut Und Luise] Nachtbraker - Le Troubadour [Heist] Cafe Lanai - Lanai [XLR8R] Maribou State feat. Pedestrian - The Clown (Axel Boman Remix) [Counter] Pete Dafeet - My Love Is Raw (Manuel Tur Remix) [Lost My Dog] Gilb’R - Le maitre des illusions [Versal]

  • HOUSEWORK | 006

    HOUSEWORK | 006

    18/03/2015 Duration: 52min

    Marcel Vogel - Doin It (NY_AK Remix) [Intimate Friends] Henry Gilles - Trance Atlantic (edit) [Public Possession] Romanthony - Bring U Up (Deep Vocal Remix) [Glasgow Underground] Four Walls & Funkyjaws - Love Train [Kolour Limited] Mennie - Phoenix [Exploited Ghetto] Harvey Sutherland - Old Wars [Voyage] Ugly Drums and Inkswel featuring Charli James - Watch Out! [City Fly] Soul Clap - So Sedated feat. Dayonne Rollins [Bastard Jazz] Mental Overdrive - Cheese Royale - (Dr. Sennep & The Hot Dog's Remix) [Parlophone Norway] Rampa - Roll [Keinemusik] Aaron Ahrends - Newborn (Ada Remix) [And Music]

  • HOUSEWORK | 005

    HOUSEWORK | 005

    04/12/2014 Duration: 55min

    Philipp Priebe - The Loss (Lorin Sylvester Strohm Remix) [I L YA] Lay - Origin [Arale] Session Victim - Hey Stranger [Delusions OF Grandeur] Les Sins - Bellow [Company] Daniel Leseman - Keep On Moving [Outplay] Lovebirds feat. Holly Backler - Give Me A Sign (Glenn Astro's Re-Dub) [Teardrop] Simon Garcia - How Long [Freerange] Hardsoul - All There Is (Rustedbraces Mix) [Tribe] Fritz Kalkbrenner - Three The Hard Way [Soul] Hackman - The Blue (Instrumental) [2020 Vision] Fur - Pulp [Firecracker] Dorian Concept - 11.04.2012 [Ninja Tune] Roman Flugel - Song With Blue [Dial] Tempelhof Gigi Masin - My Velvet Book [Hell Yeah]

  • HOUSEWORK | 004

    HOUSEWORK | 004

    27/06/2014 Duration: 50min

    Ant Orange - How Sweet It Is [Kolour] High Heels Breaker - Black Lines (feat. Kalabrese) [Drumpoet Community] Floating Points - King Bromeliad [Eglo] Buzz Compass - Think Twice [Freedom Sessions] New Musik - Warp (Ilo Edit) [Pleasure International Exports] Sound stream - Dance With Me [Sound Stream] Genius Of Time - Juno Jam [Running Back] AD Bourke - Divvy [Five Fold] DAMH - Black Night [Kompakt] Small Black - Lines Of Latitude (Dave Harrington Remix) [Other People] Stimming - Southern Sun [Pampa]

  • HOUSEWORK | 003

    HOUSEWORK | 003

    10/04/2014 Duration: 53min

    Max Graef - Intro [Tartelet] M.ono - Holding Back California [Rose] Ian Pooley - Kids Play (Stimming Remix) [Pooled Music] Onuka - Look [Unrelease] Dapayk & Padberg - Teapot [Mo's Ferry Productions] Detroit Swindle - Center Of Gravity (feat. Sandra Amarie) [Dirt Crew] Baba Stiltz - Palats [Studio Barnhus] Crackazat - Candle Coast [Local Talk] Munk – Nigerian Jam [Gomma] Erdbeerschnitzel - Separate Spaces [Mirau Music] Patchworks - Darkness [Still Music] Marcellis - Speakeasy [Millions Of Moments] Dinky- Xanex (Roman Flügel Remix) [Visionquest] David August - Agatha [Innervisions] Leon Vynehall – Be Brave, Clench Fists [3024]

  • HOUSEWORK | 002

    HOUSEWORK | 002

    23/02/2014 Duration: 01h28min

    Cuthead - Everlasting Sunday [Uncanny Valley] Rhythm Plate - Moments (feat. Frank H. Carter III) [Lost My Dog] The Preatures - Is This How You Feel? (Classixx Remix) [unrelease] The Revenge – Close Encounters Of The Casual Kind [Roar Groove] Blamma! Blamma! - Zsa Zsa (feat. Kristina Train) (Psychemagik Remix) [Eskimo] SoulPhiction - Maybachswagger [Pampa] Late Nite Tuff Guy - My Bodys [Tuff Cut] The Blaxploited Orchestra - Greatest Hits [Compost Disco] Dürerstuben - Freiherr In Der Wall [unrelease] Avatism - Ghost Coil [Vakant] Discodeine - Dive Wet [Pschent Music] Deeplomatic - Rock Da House [Salted Music] Detroit Swindle - Monkey Wrench [Dirt Crew] Dürerstuben - Gscheids Planet [Pampa] Andy Hart & Max Graef - Hawker [Box Aus Holz] Pional - The Shy [Young Turks] Tarjei Nygård - Katapult [Full Pupp] Fkclub - Unsane [Relish] Tarantulaz, Renn - Stop The World (Tarantulaz Dub) [Z] DJ Vas - One Love [EDR] Arkist - Whipper Snapper [Apple Pips] Crazy - Clouds (Outboxx Remix) [Futureboogie] Karmine Rosciano - Sendi

  • HOUSEWORK | 001

    HOUSEWORK | 001

    23/02/2014 Duration: 59min

    Art Of Noise - Opus 4 [China] Ad Bourke - En Trance [Basic Rhythm] Nicholas - Where I've Been [HOME TAPING IS KILLING MUSIC] Ed Maddams - Funny Black Beard [She Wolf] Lee Burton - Jimmy's Laughing [Klik] Debukas - Golden Mind [2020Vision] Shades Of Gray - Lost In The Past (Soul Minority Remix) [BEEF] Metronomy - Loving Arm (Soul Clap's Shake A Leg Mix) [Because Music] Douske - Tyto Alba [Dogmatik] Southeastern - P2000 [Deso] Mic Newman - Keep On Dancin' [unrelease] Daco feat Vaceo - We All Need Somebody [Paper Recordings] Lukatron - Vga [Ellum Audio] Rogiers - Home (Opolopo Remix) [Tokyo Dawn] Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt - Ours (Marius Veried remix) [We Love This!] Mr. Beatnick - Sun Goddess [DON'T BE AFRAID] Bogdan Irkük - Early Light On The E80 [Rollerboys]