Beatmixed electronica show by Australia's Cybster DJ


  • CybsterSpace #54 (2011-01-28)

    CybsterSpace #54 (2011-01-28)


    Gday Gday I’m Cybster DJ… I’ve been a little busy the last year or more… but I’m happy to give you CybsterSpace Session 54 Welcome to the show! PLAYLIST AMYTHYST – Where My Dogs Wideband Network – The Silence Sonic Radiation – XXY Trash Fashion – I Can’t Go For That Marcie – The Touch (radio […]

  • CybsterSpace #53 (2008-05-09)

    CybsterSpace #53 (2008-05-09)


    Gday Gday I’m Cybster DJ… welcome to the show! PLAYLIST Simian Mobile Disco – I Believe Erika Jayne – Stars – Moto Blanco Remix IIO – Rapture (Creamer & Stephane K Edit) Machine Boy – Petrified Channel – Smoke & Mirrors Mix ActionTek Jackson – Dancing to the Rhythm Loveshy – Mr Gorgeous SupaFly – […]

  • CybsterSpace #52 (2008-02-10)

    CybsterSpace #52 (2008-02-10)


    Gday Gday I’m Cybster DJ.Well it’s time for me to get back in the saddle and produce a show for you, so here comes CybsterSpace session 52. Welcome to the show. There is just so much great podsafe music out there now, it was really difficult to choose which ones to play. As a result […]

  • CybsterSpace #51 (2007-10-20)

    CybsterSpace #51 (2007-10-20)


    Welcome to CybsterSpace season 2. It took a while but I hope you liked the CybsterSpace Classic shows in the mean time.This week I’m joined by the gorgeous Cybena. She’ll be helping me out a bit from now on so I can concentrate on the mix. If your new to the show, CybsterSpace is a […]

  • CybsterSpace #50 (2007-08-09)

    CybsterSpace #50 (2007-08-09)


    Hello everybody, are you ready? This is going to be nifty. I hope you enjoy CybsterSpace session number fifty.Welcome to the show. I’m Cybena, Cybster’s friendly robotic side kick. He was hoping to make this show really special being the fiftieth and all, but his warm cool tones have been replaced with what sounds like […]

  • CybsterSpace #49 (2007-06-28)

    CybsterSpace #49 (2007-06-28)


    Gday Gday, I’m Cybster DJ…How’s it goin’? I’m goin’ fine, I’m glad you’ve joined me for CybsterSpace session 49. Welcome to the show. A Shoutout to Fergie (Black Eyed Peas) who’s digging the Cybster over at MySpace… glad you enjoy the show. PLAYLIST Tomo – Age Of Innocence (Out of Screen) Kane44 – Battle Synth […]

  • CybsterSpace #48 (2007-06-15)

    CybsterSpace #48 (2007-06-15)


    Gday Gday, I’m Cybster DJ…I know this show is late, but it’s going to be great, it will be worth the wait Get ready to consume CybsterSpace session 48. Welcome to the show. I’m thinking of changing the format a little. I wouldn’t mind your thoughts about it. Do you like it just as it […]

  • CybsterSpace #47 (2007-05-03)

    CybsterSpace #47 (2007-05-03)


    Gday Gday, I’m Cybster DJ… If your new to the show… well you’re forgiven. I hope you enjoy CybsterSpace session 47. Welcome to the show. Coming up is an IN4RM showcase, an AMPSEX remix and a few other great tracks thrown in for good measure. Wet Trek (Source Unknown) PLAYLIST AMPSEX vs Cybster DJ – […]

  • CybsterSpace #46 (2007-04-10)

    CybsterSpace #46 (2007-04-10)


    Gday Gday, I’m Cybster DJ… don’t you wish everybody was? This is the beatmixed music show where I spin my favourite picks… Yep your tuned into CybsterSpace session 46. Welcome to the show. Vowel Movement (Source Unknown) PLAYLIST 01 Sigmatibet – bodymusic 02 Garuna – So Hi Ooze Gas Giant Mix 03 Headjacker – Another […]

  • CybsterSpace #45 (2007-03-22)

    CybsterSpace #45 (2007-03-22)


    Gday Gday, I’m Cybster DJ. Whether your going for a run, working out or going for a drive… here comes CybsterSpace session 45. Welcome to the show. In tonights lineup we’ll be hearing from Jeff Mallon, The Young Punx, The Groove Mine, Canto 6, Ayla Brown (yes the chick from American Idol) and heaps more. See […]

  • CybsterSpace #44 (2007-03-08)

    CybsterSpace #44 (2007-03-08)


    Gday Gday, I’m Cybster DJ. Now this is a show you can’t ignore… yep it’s CybsterSpace session 44. Welcome to the show. Starting us off tonight is an artist who also featured on my music video show “CYBSTER TV” this week. It’s Filip Marian from the US of A with a kickin tune called “Switch”… […]

  • CybsterSpace #43 (2007-02-25)

    CybsterSpace #43 (2007-02-25)


    Well, are you ready for some great music? The music you hear in this show is from independent bands and DJ’s who love making music and getting it played. Some them some love after the show by visiting their websites and buying their tracks. Buttheads (Source Unknown) PLAYLIST 01 Channel – Family Mix 02 […]

  • CybsterSpace #42 (2007-02-08)

    CybsterSpace #42 (2007-02-08)


    Bar Tending College (Source Unknown) Gday Gday I’m Cybster DJ. I’m an Aussie and I welcome you to get on yer feet and enjoy CybsterSpace Session 42. Welcome to the show. Well as always, the tunes tonight will cruise along non-stop at a good steady rate without annoying interruptions or lulls. Just how you like […]

  • CybsterSpace #41 (2007-01-31)

    CybsterSpace #41 (2007-01-31)


    Whether you’re working out at the gym, having a dance or going for a run… I know you’re gonna enjoy CybsterSpace Session 41. Congratulations to my podcasting peers who kept their shows on schedule over the holidays especially, Zack The Mothman Daggy from Mothpod, Rob from the Xtra Trance Cast and Yuzzy from the Yuzzys […]

  • CybsterSpace #40 (2006-12-31) Girls Only

    CybsterSpace #40 (2006-12-31) Girls Only


    Hello and welcome to CybsterSpace. While Cybster DJ is out partying, let’s have a girls only show. Here are the best tunes from 2006 played by Cybster with female vocals. Cybster asked me to thank you for supporting this show throughout 2006 and wishes you a very happy new year. PLAYLIST 01 ANEMO – Made […]

  • CybsterSpace #39 (2006-12-20)

    CybsterSpace #39 (2006-12-20)


    Shoplifting Deterent (Source Unknown) PLAYLIST 01 Channel – Spinster Machine 02 Groove Generator – Realease Me 03 The Future – Hero Hero 04 CLING – Abandoned (Cybsterized) 05 Mellow Jeremy – The Entertainer 06 Carmen Hillary – After (Cybsterized) 07 Intelect – Of Two Minds Be my friend at Myspace MICRODOTKILLERS | Howard Jones […]

  • CybsterSpace #38 (2006-12-06)

    CybsterSpace #38 (2006-12-06)


    Sumo Phobia (Source Unknown) PLAYLIST 01 Bluestone Jones – Sunset Unit 02 The Beat Counsellor – Reprogram Yourself 03 Groove Generator – Little Lost Pieces 04 Illusive Mind – Rara Avis 05 XU – Get Behind Me 06 Electron Love Theory – The Perfect Lie Weekly Stats ‘Cybster DJ’ Number One music profile: […]

  • CybsterSpace #37 (2006-11-29)

    CybsterSpace #37 (2006-11-29)


    The Cop Channel (Source Unknown) PLAYLIST 01 Moloko – Sing It Back 02 Diana Falzone – Driving (Club Mix) 03 The Beat Counselor – Plastic Existence 04 XU – Kah-mon 05 Durango – Sweetest Thing 06 Groove Generator – Intense Moods 07 Tegan Northwood – Herald 08 Sola Rey – S.O.L.A. Be my friend at […]

  • CybsterSpace #36 (2006-11-22)

    CybsterSpace #36 (2006-11-22)


    School of Intercom Announcing (Source Unknown) This week I open the show with a World Exclusive… the UK’s “Clea” TODAY debut their long awaited track “Download It (Dance Edit) PLAYLIST 01 Clea – Download It (Dance Edit) 02 The Beat Counselor – Planetarian Funk 03 Unknown Artist – Stay By My… 04 STEREOMOVERS – Waiting […]

  • CybsterSpace #35 (2006-11-16)

    CybsterSpace #35 (2006-11-16)


    Bob and Tom – Telemarketer Nightmare (Source Unknown) PLAYLIST 01 The Beat Counselor – Havin It 02 Sonic Radiation – Aftermath 03 Groovebox Records – The Box (clean) 04 ? – Where I’ve 05 Taito Tikaro – Rush 06 Melophonic – Russian Rampage 07 NIX – Living In The Sun 08 One Second Fame – […]

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