With over 30 years of entertainment industry experience, Texas native Michael Jerome is an accomplished producer, DJ, and lyricist. Michael knows the game of stage performance as well as any top dj. He has a talent that is unique in that he is able to read crowds emotions and deliver want they want to be consumed in. As a dj he feel that it is his duty once he lays down his first track to step the vibe up a notch that the previous dj set before his performance. You have to control the crowd and not let the crowd control you. Keep them guessing on which direction you are going to go and that creates intensity in the vibe. When you win the crowd, you win their hearts,and that is what djing is all about!Michael's ability to connect with audiences has created a variety of high profile opportunities, including hosting local television/radio shows and major venue entertainment. Michael has been ticketed with such greats as BT, II0,Crystal Waters,Motorcycle, Sandra Collins and Paul Van Dyke.


  • Top 40 mix 1

    Top 40 mix 1

    14/03/2020 Duration: 50min

    Dance mix

  • Galentines mix

    Galentines mix

    14/03/2020 Duration: 02h19min

    Party mix for the ladies