Dub Monitor Podcast



The Dub Monitor podcast seeks to release mixes and recordings from electronic musicians featured on the Dub Monitor site and in our events, with a special focus on the deeper, experimental realms of techno.


  • 003: Inyahed Signalman

    003: Inyahed Signalman

    29/07/2015 Duration: 01h20min

    The third Dub Monitor podcast is the recording of Inyahed Signalman's opening set at the very last NOT TO BE TRUSTED event in July, 2015.

  • 002: MGUN

    002: MGUN

    06/12/2014 Duration: 01h20min

    The second Dub Monitor podcast is a clip from MGUN's two hour headlining set at one of Dub Monitor's "NOT TO BE TRUSTED" events, happening monthly at The Necto.

  • 001: Kero

    001: Kero

    13/08/2014 Duration: 01h21min

    The very first Dub Monitor podcast comes from Detroit Underground label head Kero. It is an all-vinyl mix consisting of tracks exclusively from Detroit-based labels, including his own.