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  • Episode 144 [Change.Prince]

    Episode 144 [Change.Prince]


    Kris and Alex talk about 3 atypical Prince releases and learn to appreciate the finer details of his career. Loring Park SessionsOriginalsPiano & A Microphone 1983

  • Episode 143.5 [The Round-Up #33]

    Episode 143.5 [The Round-Up #33]


    Music.  Opinions.  Music.  Opinions.  Music. Opinions.  Round-up   Le Butcherettes - Kiss & KillLe Butcherettes - Live at Clouds Hillclipping. - The DeepBusRatch - Split Series #001Gangsta Boo & La Chat - WitchJackey Yoshikawa & his Blue Comets - Blue Comets Original Hits Vol 2Mother Mother - Oh My HeartNNAMDÏ - DroolRobert Plant - Dreamland

  • Episode 143 [A Swift review a few months too late]

    Episode 143 [A Swift review a few months too late]


    In celebration of Taylor Swift's new album Evermore enjoy Ryan and Alex's review of Folklore because one thing you will always get with Music Talk is timeliness.  

  • Episode 142.5 [Free-Form Jam Tram #12]

    Episode 142.5 [Free-Form Jam Tram #12]


    Once again Alex has a thought on something and couldn't wait to share it.  This time he is reflecting on what we can take from 2020 to make life better for musicians.  

  • Episode 142 [Sun Ra appreciation hour]

    Episode 142 [Sun Ra appreciation hour]


    Alex and Kris decide to venture into the vast world of Sun Ra, exploring three different albums representing three different parts of his career.  Listen in as they discuss Sun Ra - My Brother The Wind Volume IISun Ra - CosmosSun Ra - On Jupiter

  • Episode 141.5 [The Round-Up #32]

    Episode 141.5 [The Round-Up #32]


    While you are still recovering from Thanksgiving enjoy my opinion on some leftover music. Apryl Fool - Apryl FoolDamien Jurado - Visions of Us on the LandJet Set Siempre 1° - Clive Tanaka y su orquestaThe Fall - DragnetThe Fall - Hex Enduction HourThe Fall - Perverted by LanguageThe Fall - This Nation's Saving GraceParliament - Mothership ConnectionMadlib - Madlib Medicine Show #7: High JazzRobert Wyatt - Nothing Can Stop UsRobert Wyatt - Theatre Royal Drury Lane 8.09.1974

  • Episode #141 [Disowned albums]

    Episode #141 [Disowned albums]


    Sometimes bands create an album they hate so much or that is so far removed from their iconic sound they disown it.  On this episode Kris and Alex look at 3 albums that have been largely ignored or disowned.   Listen as they Discuss Can - Out of ReachKraftwerk - Ralf und FlorianThe Doors - Other Voices

  • Episode 140.5 [The Round-up #31]

    Episode 140.5 [The Round-up #31]


    You know the drill.  New albums.  New opinions. Smoke Fairies - Through Low Light and TreesSam Hunt - SouthsideTalking Heads - Live In Plattsburg 09.30.1983Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - ReunionsUS 3 - Hand On The TorchRobert Wyatt - Rock BottomRobert Plant - Shaken 'N' StirredThe Stooges - Fun HouseVarious Artists - B-Music - Cross Continental Record Raid Road TripAndy Votel - Cock Diesel Andy Votel - Futen KarmenAndy Votel - Hindi HardcoreAndy Votel - Raising HelelyosAndy Votel - Plight of the Hunter

  • Episode 140 [Danzigcarryingkittylitter.jpeg]

    Episode 140 [Danzigcarryingkittylitter.jpeg]


    In a rare team-up Kris, Ryan, and Alex are talking about four albums.  In reality we talk about 3 albums and viciously mock Danzig for a while. Listen as this trio reviews The RZA - Guided ExplorationsThundercat - It Is What It IsLe Butcherettes - DON'T BLEEDDanzig - Sings Elvis

  • Episode 139.5 [The Round-up #30]

    Episode 139.5 [The Round-up #30]


    For the 30th time in audio form Alex has some opinions on albums. Dam-Funk - ToeachizownThe Fall - The Real New Fall LP (Formerly 'Country on the Click')Guillaume Perret - FreeLone - LevitateMadlib - Madlib Medicine Show #2: Flight To BrazilMadlib - Madlib Medicine Show #5: History Of The Loop Digga, 1990-2000Popol Vuh - Letzte Tage ~ Letzte Nächte4 Non Blondes - Bigger, Better, Faster, More!Various Artists - France Chébran - French Boogie 1981-1985Robert Wyatt - The End of an Ear

  • Episode 139 [I want sourdough]

    Episode 139 [I want sourdough]


    Some time in the Spring Alex and Kris listened to more albums in John Zorn's Book Beri'ah, "Yesod", from his Masada series.  This time you can hear them discuss. Banquet of the Spirits - Yesod Abraxas - Gevurah Secret Chiefs 3 - Malkhut

  • Episode 138.5 [The Round-up #29]

    Episode 138.5 [The Round-up #29]


    I recorded this when the shit heap that was 2020 was at really peaking.  Don't mind me being a complete morose lump.  Everything is trash. Laura Nyro and Labelle - Gonna Take A MiracleDonny Hathaway - Everything is EverythingKevin Ayers - Shooting at the MoonKevin Ayers - WhatevershebringswesingKing Crimson - Heaven & Earth Boxset  

  • Episode 138 [#GottaBeAGi]

    Episode 138 [#GottaBeAGi]


    Kris and Alex decided to get a little spiritual and review some Christian albums.  Listen as they review Rev. Louis Overstreet - An Evening with Rev. Louis OverstreetThat's Why - The Best of That's WhyThe 4th Movement - the 4th Movement

  • Episode 137.5 [Episode 136 Extras]

    Episode 137.5 [Episode 136 Extras]


    Kris wanted to share some information about super heroes he learned about and Alex is here to listen.

  • Episode 137 [Daptone, Daptone, and Daptone!]

    Episode 137 [Daptone, Daptone, and Daptone!]


    Kris was eager to explore some releases from Daptone Records, and Alex was not going to object.  Listen as they explore three albums from this unique label. The Frightnrs - Nothing More To SayCharles Bradley - Black VelvetThe Olympians - The Olympians

  • Episode 136.5 [The Round-up #28]

    Episode 136.5 [The Round-up #28]


    Happy late Spring.  More listens, more conversations.   Alice Coltrane - A Monastic TrioAndy Votel - ANDY VOTEL'S MIDLIFE CRISIS DISCO MIXTAPEBruford Levin Upper Extremities - Bruford Levin Upper ExtremitiesCaetano Veloso And David Byrne - Live At Carnegie Halldaoko - 私的旅行David Byrne - American Utopia on Broadway (Original Cast Recording)David Byrne - "...The Best Live Show of All Time"

  • Episode 136 [How many times can you honk a car horn on a song?]

    Episode 136 [How many times can you honk a car horn on a song?]


    Alex, Teangelo, and Ryan get together to answer a fundamental question about music: How many times can you honk a car horn on a song?  Do you they answer this question?  Perhaps, and more as they review. Justin Bieber - ChangesGrimes -  Miss AnthropoceneJay Electronica - A Written Testimony

  • Episode 135.5 [The Round-up #27]

    Episode 135.5 [The Round-up #27]


    Alex heard more music. You know what that means! Quick bites and hot takes!   The Budos Band - The Budos Band IIFour Tet - Sixteen OceansHoly Fuck - CongratsJaga Jazzist - PyramidKyle Bobby Dunn - From Here to EternitySquarepusher - Be Up A HelloChance The Rapper - 10 Day

  • Episode 135 [Magyar Zene 2]

    Episode 135 [Magyar Zene 2]


    Kris and Alex decided it was time to go back to some Hungarian albums from yesteryear.  This time we explore Piramis - PiramisSarolta  Zalatnay - Hadd Mondjam ElNagy Feró és a Bikini - Hova Lett....

  • Episode 134.5 [The Round-up #26]

    Episode 134.5 [The Round-up #26]


    I can't believe it has been this long since we have done a round-up.  Nearly a third of the year has passed and we are just getting to one.  Don't worry, there are more in the hopper, or perhaps do worry, there are more in the hopper. 

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