Higher Truth's Podcast



On spirituality and general spiritual topics. These are my musings about life in general and are influenced by various spiritual teachers.


  • Letting Go

    Letting Go


    How our spiritual path involves the process of letting go, Letting go of our thoughts, our beliefs, and our ego.

  • Barriers to Self-Transformation

    Barriers to Self-Transformation


    How limiting beliefs can be challenged through confronting your inner voice.

  • Perseverance  the Spiritual Path

    Perseverance & the Spiritual Path


    How perseverance is key to spiritual growth

  • Blessings in Disguise

    Blessings in Disguise


    I talked about the blessings that underlie any hurtful or painful situation. When life doesn't go like we planned, there is a gift that life offers us.

  • Discovering Stuckness, Turning Seeking In On Itself

    Discovering Stuckness, Turning Seeking In On Itself


    Welcome to the Higher Truths(?) podcast. Thank you so much for listening and I also have a log in which I write some little short articles about spirituality(?). You can find that at Higher Truths(?) dot blog spot dot com. That's Truths(?) with an S. You can also visit a Facebook community page that I started at Facebook dot com forward slash Higher Truth. On the Facebook page you can get a variety of quote that I have written or quotes that have inspired me that I am then sharing with

  • Passivity Vs. Enlightenment

    Passivity Vs. Enlightenment


    This podcast explores the difference between being passive and in being an enlightened person.

  • Another Trinity  My Thoughts On God

    Another Trinity & My Thoughts On God

  • What Am I Expecting?

    What Am I Expecting?


    Talking about the role of expectations in my life & how I can live a more fulfilled life.

  • Differences In Religions

    Differences In Religions