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...selections of house trax from deep to tech to minimal all compiled and mixed by stu kelly.For full tracklistings visit


  • Stu Kelly Podcast #10 - Delicious

    29/10/2008 Duration: 01h11min

    ....seems like the breaks in between episodes are getting longer and longer. I hope to get back into more regular posting soon. This one is 64 mins of house music. Deep and groovy and techy in parts and all very danceable. Hope you dig! 1. Deetron – Let’s Get Over It (Henrik Schwarz Remix) 2. Markus Fix – Bo Boston 3. Gruber & Nuernberg – Laugh Lines 4. Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts – I was on my Way to Hell 5. Kelley Polar – Entropy Reigns (Pearson & Usher System Dub) 6. Anonym – Shanghai Express 7. Jagged – Hello Kool Nice! (Harry Swinger and DC Remix) 8. Prosumer & Murat Tepeli – What Makes you Go for it? 9. Tomoki Tamura & Nono – 3 Years (Manuel Tur Remix) 10. Solomun Vs Ost & Kjex – Federgewicht (Hamburg Remix) 11. Roman IV – Neues Testament 12. Booka Shade – Sweet Lies (Patrice Baumel Remix) 13. Move D & Benjamin Brunn – New Horizon Nice!

  • Stu Kelly Podcast #9 - Set the Mood

    02/06/2008 Duration: 01h08min

    howdy folks, back in the mixing frame of mind after a few months sabatical. Work's been demanding a lot more of me over the past 90 days which has not really allowed me to get new podcasts up for you.... Anyway this one's a slow groover. Some nu-disco and deep to tech house all below 117bpm to get your head nodding. Tracklist below: 1. Kaoru Inoue – the secret field (todd terje remix) 2. Aeroplane – caramellas 3. Reverso 68 – piece together 4. Only fools and horses – spectacle wins 5. Matthew dear – Elementary lover (DJ Koze Remix) 6. Nina simone – here comes the sun (Francois K remix) 7. Tony Lionni – Better Change 8. Zoexenia – into deep 9. Jamie Lloyd – you and I (trickski remix) 10. Drei farben house – conspicuous 11. Motor city drum ensemble – get slapped up 12. Buks – still working 13. Dirt crew - mindforce hope it hits the mark for you and feel free to leave a comment...

  • stu kelly podcast #8 - breakfast of champions

    18/02/2008 Duration: 01h15min

    .... ok normal order has resumed and this mix is far more dancefloor oriented. I'm pretty happy with this one and hope you will be too. I was unsure what to call it but had a listen to it over brekkie today and it set me up nicely for the day so 'breakfast of champions' seemed to fit the bill. It's nice a deep in parts, quite bouncy and danceable throughout but mainly it's just full of winner tunes so download and I hope you enjoy!! Stu Kelly Podcast #8 - Breakfast of Champions 1. tim paris – am agaru 2. joeski - carbibe elektrico (outer limits remix) 3. mugwump – memory lane refund 4. i:cube – pazuzu 5. marco resmann – candle dipper 6. mountain people – 5.1 7. zoexenia – can’t sleep 8. kabale und liebe – mumbling yeah (loco dice tribute mix) 9. aardvarck – just washed that pig (club mix) 10. marcel wave – 27 holton (serafin back to new york reinterpretation) 11. andomat 3000 ft flo – delirium tremens 12. andre crom – fieberkurve 13. par grindvik – do us part (2000 and one

  • stu kelly podcast #7 - What a Day!

    30/01/2008 Duration: 01h07min

    ..... slight change of pace and tack this time. a mate of mine has his own music blog, , and asked me to do a mix for him and his site. So in an effort to step a bit outside my normal deep and tech house bubble I put this mix together. It's not a million miles away from my usual stuff but certainly a notch downtempo and has quite a variety of sounds in there. stu kelly podcast #7 - What a Day! special mix for triplejaysus intro - talking loud 1. ben mono – beatbox 2. jay shepheard – song for mikledore 3. outlines – listen to the drums 4. roman bruderer & serafin – the move 5. lukas greenberg – what a day 6. mymy – bonus jack 7. deepchild – for a reason 8. basic soul unit – dancing in my mind 9. justus kohncke – parage 10. upz – rok da funk 11. quentin harris – power of love (ain’t nothing but a party mix) 12. mood II swing – passin time (main mix) 13. metro area – orange alert 14. still going – still going theme