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J Bigga is a singer, songwriter and comedian from Las Vegas. if you like Metro Station, Hellogoodbye, A Rocket To The Moon, Brokencyde, Kill Paradise, Hurry Let's Go, Nickasaur, Owl City, Dot Dot Curve, 3oh!3, Scotty Vanity, Jeffree Star, The Ready Set, Scene Kidz, Nevershoutnever, Breathe Electric, Represent, Electric Valentine, Scenes and Sirens, Hollywood Undead, Secret Handshake, A Rocket To The Moon, Rediscover, Breathe Carolina, The Medic Droid or Blood on The Dance Floor you will probably like Js newest songs!


  • Message In The Sky

    12/03/2011 Duration: 03min

    LYRICS: I WISH I COULDWRITE A MESSAGE IN THE SKY FOR YOUA MESSAGE IN THE SKY FOR YOU when she started walkingshe kept on walkingand looking backshe was the type ;that don't come along too ofteni don't look back a lot thoughand little things can't stop my shinebut i admit it stings a bit