Shapiro Bernstein Music Podcast



The SB podcast is your guide to Shapiro Bernstein Music Publishing's incredibly diverse catalog spanning over 100 years. Each week, Creative Director David Hoffman brings you thirty minutes of specially selected music from the SB catalog, both new and old. Email for any questions or just to say hi!


  • Podcast Vol 3: Lounge

    08/12/2015 Duration: 23min

    Get your groove on with the third volume of the SB podcast, featuring the funkiest lounge music from Shapiro Bernstein's catalog. Tracklist: Diga Diga Do - Bob Thompson, His Orchestra and Chorus || Bossa Baby - Googie Rene || Maracatu-too - Stan Getz and Laurindo Almeida || Le Femme d'Argent - AIR || Harlem Nocturne - Esquivel

  • Podcast Vol 2: Psych Rock

    03/11/2015 Duration: 26min

    This week, David brings an eclectic mix of psychedelic rock ranging from 60s classics to modern grooves. Tracklist: Lawrence of Arabia – The Tornados || Get Me To The World On Time – The Electric Prunes || Dr. Do Good – The Electric Prunes || Yes! We Have No Bananas – United Fruit Company || L’Homme à tête de chou – Serge Gainsbourg || Angel Bones – Modern Rivals || Engineer Amnesia - Sego

  • Podcast Vol 1: AIR, The Jackson 5, Panama Wedding, and more

    13/10/2015 Duration: 33min

    This week's podcast features music from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and new releases. Tracklist: Orca - Nicolas Godin || Eyes of a Child - The Moody Blues || A Brand New Life - Panama Wedding || Someone's Standing in My Love Light - The Jackson 5 || Micky Macali - Sego || Jeopardy - The Greg Kihn Band || Rebel - Louis Berry || Diga Diga Doo - Bob Thompson and His Orchestra and Choir || Close Your Eyes - AIR & Jean Michael Jarre