Ice Coffee: The History Of Human Activity In Antarctica



The history of human activity in Antarctica


  • 128_Argentina

    18/08/2021 Duration: 48min

    Where the history of other nations involved in the Antarctic land grab received plenty of attention in the series to date, Argentina only received mention as being close to the Antarctic Peninsula.  I've sought to redress that in this episode. Thanks to Jim for test piloting the new audio settings.  Hope I don't blow anyone's speakers with unexpected volume.

  • 127_Crime_in_Antarctica

    31/07/2021 Duration: 54min

    While theft is rare in circumstances where most needs and wants are catered to by management other crimes occur in Antarctica with surprisingly monotonous regularity, given the small numbers of people in the far south at any given moment.  Other podcasts have dedicated episodes to the matter but that doesn't mean I shouldn't cover it too, so I did. The Australian Antarctic Division recently announced it was decreasing alcohol allowances and banning home-brew.  In part the change was geared to make women feel safer on base.  It doesn't deal with the root cause of that problem but if it helps bring about positive change then that's something.  We already tried doing nothing and it didn't work.   

  • 126_Book_reviews_and_interviews_Maori_perspectives_and_ashore_in_the_Kerguelens_and_True_South

    24/07/2021 Duration: 01h19min

    A formal book review of "With Scott Before the Mast," an informal review of "Operation Deep Freeze II Gooney Birds," and interviews with Associate Professor Priscilla Wehi, Elodie Camprasse, and Evan Townsend. 

  • 125_RARE_Coda

    23/07/2021 Duration: 01h11min

    Trail operations, survey flights, tension, and a surprise for the Darlingtons.  The RARE comes to a close and departs Stonington Island with the aid of the Operation Windmill ice breakers. The FIDS stay to keep the lights on at Base E. 

  • 124_Religion_in_Antarctica

    01/07/2021 Duration: 47min

    In this episode I fail to respect, let alone defer to, religious beliefs and the artifacts and structures dedicated to various deities' alleged glory while recounting the ongoing story of religion at high southern latitudes.   Happy to take debates on the merits of religion generally or your religion specifically if this outing causes sufficient umbrage.  I've got a podcast for exactly that sort of dialogue and it's rare it gets an airing because most local theologians know to give me a wide berth.  Come at me if you need to.  Perspective adjustments on the merits of the apologia you've been fed by your faith leaders provided free. Ice Coffee: brewing up, blaspheming, and shedding brittle snowflakes unable or unwilling to present a compelling case that I should respect their faith, let alone adopt it. 

  • 123_Stonington_Island_co-existence

    01/07/2021 Duration: 01h09min

    The Ronnes sulk about the FIDS as the RARE settle in to their digs on Stonington Island but realise they have to Voltron up or get little done.   George Takei makes his series debut in company with Katie Sagal and Billy West. 

  • 122_Extended_Kevin_Walton_quotations

    01/06/2021 Duration: 33min

    Worried that you might be feeling cheated on the history front, this month, here's some hefty chunks of trail experiences from the pen of one who lived it.  Do you want your word hoosh thick or thin?  I can add extra p flour, if you want. 

  • 121_Aviation_futre_past_future_Sean_McBride

    01/06/2021 Duration: 49min

    Sean McBride intends taking electric flight to Antarctic and I am excited about it.  I'm also excited about my own investigations into heading south to follow in Wilkins and Eilson's prop steps but uncertain whether it will or should happen. 

  • 120_Operation_Windmill

    15/05/2021 Duration: 30min

    US Navy ice breakers get ground control parties ashore to provide fixed points of reference for Operation Highjump aerial photographs.  Helicopters work ship to Antarctic shore for the first time.

  • 119_Stonington_Collision_Course

    13/05/2021 Duration: 25min

    The RARE draws nearer its destination and the FIDS head out on trail.  Will the confluence of two Antarctic expeditions in the same place at the same time conflict with the laws of physics?  Listen to 119 and find out. Oooh, see what I did there? Sizzly call to action. Getting good at this marketing shit, ay?  

  • 118_Operation_Highjump_part_two

    30/04/2021 Duration: 01h04s

    The largest ever Antarctic expedition runs its course. The Sennet heads north with its bow in a sling, divers get with the diving, and the DC-3 makes its "Ice Coffee" debut while the Sea Bees make everything else. 

  • 117_Operation_Highjump_part_one

    29/04/2021 Duration: 43min

    The United States Navy returns to Antarctica, this time under Admiral Cruzen, though Admiral Byrd was there and waving hard at the cameras and yelling that we shouldn't forget that he's the mayor of Antarctica and firsted all the firsts.  While not the first fatal air accident in Antarctica, the George 1 becomes the first fatal air accident in Antarctica anyone can recount with any degree of certainty, with white-out conditions leading to controlled flight into terrain, foreshadowing further aviation tragedies in the far south. 

  • 116_Amanda_Zimmerman_and_the_view_from_McMurdo

    25/04/2021 Duration: 23min

    This month, in a very special episode of "Ice Coffee" Amanda Zimmerman shares her insights on life at McMurdo Station. Timely stuff for those listeners applying for USARP slots for the first time. Best of luck with your applications, people.

  • 115_FIDS_first_iteration_part_2

    07/04/2021 Duration: 57min

    Large quantities of stores, lumber and conviviality go ashore and become Trepassey House, home to FIDS and their dogs for several subsequent years. 

  • 114_FIDS_first_iteration_part_1

    17/03/2021 Duration: 42min

    The Tabarin mooted, Marr demurred Base E arises on Stonington Island, five nautical miles from the BGLE hut on Barry Island but two hundred yards from the Johnny-come-five-years-ago East Base.  Ted Bingham leads the first iteration of the FIDS and sets the tone for subsequent cohorts.  Scones, rum, freshies and the sort of treats that make Brits wave their hands about like Wallace from "Wallace and Gromit" while saying, "Ooooh, lovely," but which would leave anyone from any other culture saying "What the hell kind of celebratory repast is this?  Am I being punished for something in some passive aggressive British fashion, because that's the only reason I can conjure that you would feed me mince pies" Or is that just me? 

  • 113_RARE_Part_1

    01/02/2021 Duration: 48min

    Finn Ronne makes ready for his return to Stonington Island, getting away late, in debt and with morale already fraying at the edges.  My apologies to anyone who downloaded the place holder episode used to keep this place held while I finished editing episode 113.  Here's the real deal.

  • 112_Bits

    31/12/2020 Duration: 01h19min

    With a hundred meg of storage in my name and a lot of audio snippets with nothing better to do I give you the bits episode.  Mind the neck bolts. This episode features the first competition I've run in a long time.  As usual it's biased in favour of early listeners who are old and who are me.  Voices from the past. Voices I hope will feature in the future. One voice that long since broke. We belong Dad.

  • 111_Operation_Tabarin_part_3

    26/12/2020 Duration: 01h04min

    Hope Bay's second tranche of winter residents settle in. Then they head home to a less than heartening reception than their Swedish predecessors experienced, though Taylor didn't die in a public transport accident, so there's that. 

  • 110_Professor_Spencer_Davis_optical_phenomena

    26/12/2020 Duration: 51min

    Penguin sex gets the attention it deserves after Murray Levick deprived the world of his observations due to his prudish Victorian era sensibilities.  Professor Lloyd Spencer Davis gives you the good oil on the oily birds getting it on (early birds only get worms). Extended and diminished visibility and lights in the sky at high latitudes receive some attention from a non-physicist who will accept corrections with gratitude and alacrity. 

  • 109_Operation_Tabarin_part_2

    06/12/2020 Duration: 01h31min

    James Marr takes his military expedition south and sets up shop on Goudier Island at Port Lockroy in Bransfield House, and also Base A. 

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