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A Podcast about Women


  • Episode 11: A Wedding and a Funeral


    This podcast is long overdue and I have many excuses for the delay.  I primarily blame the weather, it was just so nice over the weekend that I had to spend time outside.  And then the news about Osama sucked … Continue reading →

  • Episode 10: Counting Sheep


    It’s Easter Sunday and Val made a butter lamb, a Polish Catholic tradition, which also happens to be super cute.  If I were at my grandmother’s house in India I would be full from lots of appam and stew, after … Continue reading →

  • Episode 9: Birthdays and Bucket Lists


    Greetings from Brooklyn!  Val and I have been busy little bees and have a number of George Lapinski projects on the go, which means there will be lots to listen for in the near future. But for now, here’s Episode … Continue reading →

  • Episode 8: Reading with Your Guts


    It’s the first week of April, and we thought we should celebrate it with some poetry.  Episode 8 is slightly longer than our usual podcasts, but we hope it is worth your while.  There are five poems in this podcast, … Continue reading →

  • Episode 7: Remembering Liz and the Triangle Shirtwaist Workers


    Welcome to Episode 7, in which we pay our respects to Elizabeth Taylor, and the victims of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, which happened 100 years ago. We talk about how hot Liz and Dick were, hear excerpts from a … Continue reading →

  • Episode 6: The Endangered Species Summit in 15 Minutes


    …or, “Val and Priya go to a body image conference so you don’t have to!” If you’re sad you missed this conference, cheer up! We attended, recorded sound, and bring you the greatest hits in one-quarter of an hour. Hear … Continue reading →

  • Episode 5: Taxing Matters


    Welcome to Episode 5, in which we muse about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Lent, and our woeful lack of financial savvy as we tackle our taxes. Joining us via Skype is Stephanie Berenbaum from Fabulous and Frugal, who … Continue reading →

  • Episode 4: Fat – the Scare Tactic


    Here is podcast number 4!  This week we tackle Charlie Sheen and what the media and public are not focusing on.  It is probably the first and last time we will use this space to discuss ‘big hot messes.’ And … Continue reading →