People are still making a difference in ministry...I am here to find them, let them tell their story, and inspire you to try new things, connect and make a difference


  • Episode 6 - Ryan Kozey

    Episode 6 - Ryan Kozey

    07/03/2012 Duration: 38min

    Ryan works at the Chapel at Crosspoint in Buffalo, NY where he acts as the Director of Strategic Initiatives for the Renovation Network. Ryan has used his unique abilities to give a fresh look at what it means for a church to be successful. More so, he is doing incredible work in measuring and helping create more effect methods of evangelism. This is an absolute must listen for any church seeking to impact the community around them. To find out more follow Ryan on twitter @rkozey, check out thechapel.com, or his youtube feed rkozey.

  • Episode 5 - Have We Retired As A Church

    Episode 5 - Have We Retired As A Church

    14/02/2012 Duration: 16min

    Can we relate football to Church? Well I tried anyways. This week's guest fell through, so here is a sermon preached on Super Bowl Sunday. Hope you enjoy!

  • Episode 4 - Jonathan Burgio

    Episode 4 - Jonathan Burgio

    06/02/2012 Duration: 51min

    Jonathan Burgio works for BASIC campus ministry, and is an all around fascinating individual. We talked about everything from sports, to theology, to ministry. The audio is a little choppy, but if you work through it you'll hear some great stuff.

  • Episode 3 - Jonathan Sigman

    Episode 3 - Jonathan Sigman

    30/01/2012 Duration: 01h03min

    Jonathan "Siggy" Sigmon was our guest and we talked about everything from social media, to music, to youth ministry. Jonathan is by far one of the most adept people I have met when it comes to an understanding of how to use social media in ministry. This is an interview any ministry desiring to expand their church through the interweb should listen to.

  • Episode 2 - James Harrington

    Episode 2 - James Harrington

    25/01/2012 Duration: 46min

    James is the director of the Ugandan Water Project. He is passionate about providing for those in need, and a great person to talk to!!! This interview is definitely worth a listen

  • Episode 1 - Joshua Czyz

    Episode 1 - Joshua Czyz

    25/01/2012 Duration: 41min

    Our inaugural podcast with Joshua Czyz from Lakes Church in Auburn, NY. He is a pastor and chaplain. His church is restoring an old building, and started a worship service in a bar!!! Great interview, thanks for listening!!!