Two single New York City women, Laurie and Laurie, (one straight, one gay) share their adventures in divorce in DivorcingDaze, their unique podcast, always over a glass of wine. Or three. Funny, sexy, honest and uncensored. Join their conversations on moms, marriage, breakups, sex, girlfriends, boyfriends, kids and parenting and city life. Also starring Bubba, the 200 lb. dog.


  • DivorcingDaze Celebrates Its 100th Podcast

    15/03/2010 Duration: 03min
  • Do You De-Friend After a Breakup?

    09/02/2010 Duration: 14min
  • Humoirs of a Divorced Dad

    24/01/2010 Duration: 37min
  • Is Sex Better In a King Sized Bed?

    09/01/2010 Duration: 23min
  • Does This Bra Make Me Look Blonder?

    06/12/2009 Duration: 17min
  • Loungewear: The New Pajamas

    08/11/2009 Duration: 23min
  • Sex With Co-workers and Chinese With X

    19/10/2009 Duration: 21min
  • Why Does Everything Break at Once?

    02/10/2009 Duration: 22min
  • The Houseguest From Hell and Other Stories

    12/09/2009 Duration: 21min
  • Ever Want To Steal Something? Just a Little?

    11/07/2009 Duration: 17min
  • Juicy Talk For Women

    07/06/2009 Duration: 33min
  • Boy and Girl Meet Girl. Girl Likes Girl. Boy Not So Much

    22/05/2009 Duration: 23min
  • Racy Emails, But No Flowers

    03/05/2009 Duration: 20min
  • Ex Wants Help With Baby - He's Not Dad

    23/04/2009 Duration: 21min
  • My Hairdresser Hit On Me

    01/04/2009 Duration: 28min
  • It's March. Which Means Madness...

    17/03/2009 Duration: 26min
  • I Thought I'd Be The One To Cheat On Him

    26/02/2009 Duration: 24min
  • Taking Out My Uterus Would Be Cheaper Than Buying Tampons

    13/02/2009 Duration: 18min
  • In This Economy

    03/02/2009 Duration: 17min
  • Is Fooling Around in Your Dreams Cheating?

    19/01/2009 Duration: 26min
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