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This is a show about people helping people. It will be about me and occasional guests sharing ideas with you. Simple ideas to help you transport your life to where you want it to be. Sometimes you will asked to think, other times to laugh and to always take action. What kind of rut are you stuck in? Where do you want to go? Listen to my advice, my stories and humor to help you get out of your rut. Life is about having fun.


  • You are what you think Podcast #44

    You are what you think Podcast #44

    10/11/2010 Duration: 781h00s

    This episode is about changing your life throught the thoughts you think.Length: 13:01

  • I talk to myself Podcast #43

    I talk to myself Podcast #43

    18/10/2010 Duration: 1068h00s

    This episode is about our subconscious works. How we talk to ourselves and how we should talk to ourselves.Length:17:50

  • Are you ready podcast #42

    Are you ready podcast #42

    30/09/2010 Duration: 1077h00s

    This episode is about acknowledging your passions.Length: 17:50

  • Horse manure podcast #41

    Horse manure podcast #41

    22/09/2010 Duration: 1107h00s

    This episode is about letting go of the past, having a special talent and blind dates.Length: 18:20

  • Body heal thyself Podcast #40

    Body heal thyself Podcast #40

    09/09/2010 Duration: 720h00s

    Can the body heal it's self? Listen and decide for yourself. Send me a comment with your thoughts.Lenght: 12:00

  • Smile podcast #39

    Smile podcast #39

    13/08/2010 Duration: 629h00s

    This episode is about following your path. The world deserves to hear your story.

  • How green is your grass Podcasst #38

    How green is your grass Podcasst #38

    19/07/2010 Duration: 1048h00s

    This episode is about how your lawn can turn to weeds even after the grass is dead, just like your mind. You can't stop following your passion or your mind will start to think negative thoughts.Length: 17:38

  • Belief equals success Podcast #37

    Belief equals success Podcast #37

    03/07/2010 Duration: 993h00s

    This episode is all about how our beliefs determine our success.Length: 16:33

  • Action Podcast #36

    Action Podcast #36

    24/06/2010 Duration: 762h00s

    This episode is about taking action on those negative beliefs and habits that we all have.Length: 12:42

  • An idea away Podcast #35

    An idea away Podcast #35

    15/06/2010 Duration: 937h00s

    You are only one idea away from being a millionare. Don't believe me listen to the show for some examples.Length: 15:35

  • You can do it Podcast #34

    You can do it Podcast #34

    29/05/2010 Duration: 768h00s

    THis episode is going to encourage you to uplift , you and to help you to believe in yourselfLength: 12:46

  • Thank you Podcast # 33

    Thank you Podcast # 33

    19/05/2010 Duration: 939h00s

    This episode is about gratatitude. How we need to thankful for everything in our lives. We also need to know that each of us deserves to hear how special we are.Length: 15:36

  • Am I organized Podcast #32

    Am I organized Podcast #32

    07/05/2010 Duration: 659h00s

    This episode is about being organized so you have more time to get achieve your goals.Length: 10:50

  • 5 Lessons for 5 years olds Podcast # 31

    5 Lessons for 5 years olds Podcast # 31

    01/05/2010 Duration: 1124h00s

    This episode is about teaching your children how to live life. How easy it is to earn money and to be happy and thankful for everything in your life.Length: 18:40

  • Move your needle Podcast #30

    Move your needle Podcast #30

    28/04/2010 Duration: 813h00s

    This episode is about changing your attitude. Music will change your attitude as long as it is the right type of music.Length: 13:30

  • 10,000 times Podcast # 29

    10,000 times Podcast # 29

    21/04/2010 Duration: 810h00s

    This episode is about failing. Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before he invented the lightbulb. He never gave up. Why do we? Time to get back in the saddle and go after our dream.Length: 13:28

  • Keep your eye on the ball Podcast #28

    Keep your eye on the ball Podcast #28

    13/04/2010 Duration: 1165h00s

    This episode is about keep your eye on your goal. If you don't keep your eye on your goal nobody else will do it for you.Length: 19:22

  • My ship is not coming in Podcast #27

    My ship is not coming in Podcast #27

    31/03/2010 Duration: 867h00s

    This episode is about saying yes to an opportunity. Don't wait until everything is perfect take action now.Length: 14:30

  • Taxes podcast # 26

    Taxes podcast # 26

    20/03/2010 Duration: 582h00s

    This episode is about procrastination, taxes and taking actionLength:9:41

  • Stats for the ages Podcast #25

    Stats for the ages Podcast #25

    09/03/2010 Duration: 730h00s

    This episode details just how many people will be financially independent in the golden years. Will you be?Length: 12:08

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