Pushing Hoops With Sticks



A podcast about pop culture and America with the artists and icons that both produce and consume the values broadly categorized as "American". What are the stories this country chooses to tell about itself, through whom, and why?


  • Vol 2: Youre Not Crazy

    Vol 2: You're Not Crazy

    24/04/2015 Duration: 38min

    Comedian Aamer Rahman and I talk about the origins of Australia's retro racism, the hostile whiteness of the comedy industry, and surviving the creative fields from the margins.

  • Vol 1: No Joke

    Vol 1: No Joke

    11/02/2015 Duration: 01h13min

    Musician Ezra Koenig and I talk about the social currency of prep, the shifting relevancy of WASPS, modern canon making, and why we're currently living in the best pop culture moment.