Daughters Of Dorcas Ministries-turning Obstacles Into Opportunities



A Christ centered broadcast of hope and inspiration. This ministry will lift your spirits and empower you with that can do attitude.


  • The Jade Plant

    17/11/2015 Duration: 30min

    We must beleive the Word of God to walk into the blessings of God.  I have a Jade plant that refused to die. We must be like that Jade plant to be victorious.

  • We Must Continue ON!

    12/06/2015 Duration: 30min

    Even though we have insurmontable difficulities in life "We Must Continue On".  Remember no matter what the problem and what people may say if you are a servant of God "He" is with you.  For His program is your program and He will see that it is finished!

  • It's in the Bloodline.

    23/06/2014 Duration: 30min

    When you accept the saving power of Jesus Christ by Faith you are adopted into a new spiritual family.  No longer are you under the limitations of your natural family because the spirit of Jesus Christ empowers you.  You are adopted into a royal family by by the blood  of Jeus Christ.  It is now in the bloodline of Christ that an ordinary person can do super ordinary things.

  • I WON THE LOTTERY: What Do I get Out of It? (Part 2)

    12/07/2013 Duration: 32min

    The Holy Spirit can be a powerful transformation agent in your life.  It gives one power, provides salvation and is an agent of change.  But if we are not careful we do not understand what a necessary and phenomenal gift God has provided, Christ in us.  The heart that has not established a relationship with Christ dosen't get it as they continue to operate from their human needs.  Those of us who understand know that we now have purpose and a compass that guides us.  We have meaning and understand that we are now complete in Christ Jesus.  We can live and thrive! 

  • "I WON THE LOTTERY" (Part I)

    04/07/2013 Duration: 32min

    Receving the gift of the Holy Spirit is like winning the lottery.  What this means is that you have a wealth of resources to help you in any situation as you have favor with God.  Having favor with God means you are divinely blessed.  Not only blessed in this world but blessed to and through eternity.  Why would others prefer to win the lottery instead of receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit? It is because they do not realize what a treasure they have with Christ being in them.  Let's explore the abundance of riches we have in Christ Jesus and then we will yell "guess what  I won the lottery"!