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The audio sermons of the First Presbyterian Church of Englewood (NJ), the Rev. Richard Hong, pastor.


  • Embodiment

    24/12/2017 Duration: 10min

    Jesus was the embodiment of the Word. How would people describe you? A Christmas message on John 1:1-14 by Richard Hong.

  • How

    24/12/2017 Duration: 19min

    Say 'yes' to God, then God will show you how. A message on Luke 1:26-38 by Richard Hong.

  • Meantime

    17/12/2017 Duration: 17min

    Jesus is returning. What do we do in the meantime? Obey Jesus. It works. A message on 1 Thessalonians 5:12-24 by Richard Hong.

  • Beginning

    10/12/2017 Duration: 19min

    Why was John the Baptist necessary? Why not go straight to Jesus? A message on Mark 1:1-8 by Richard Hong

  • Beyond

    03/12/2017 Duration: 18min

    When faced with troubles, we tend to look at them. Jesus wants us to look beyond them. A message on Mark 13:24-37 by Richard Hong.

  • Self-Aware

    26/11/2017 Duration: 21min

    I believe the women. Always. But is that enough? A message on Matthew 25:31-46 by Richard Hong.

  • Gifted

    19/11/2017 Duration: 21min

    Good ideas are killed by the person who had them. A message on Matthew 25:14-30 by Richard Hong

  • Ready

    12/11/2017 Duration: 21min
  • Burden

    05/11/2017 Duration: 19min

    Religious people have the reputation of adding burdens rather than lifting them. A message on Matthew 23:1-12.

  • First

    29/10/2017 Duration: 19min

    What comes first in our relationship with Jesus? A message on Matthew 22:34-46.

  • Trick Question

    22/10/2017 Duration: 18min

    The trick to a trick question is a change in perspective. Are we willing to ask a hard question about how we see life? A message on Matthew 22:15-22.

  • Respect

    15/10/2017 Duration: 17min

    What does it mean to respect your faith? A message on Matthew 22:1-14 by Richard Hong.

  • Messengers

    08/10/2017 Duration: 18min

    Who can tell you something you don't want to hear? Can Jesus? A message on Matthew 21:33-46 by Richard Hong

  • Past Tense

    01/10/2017 Duration: 18min

    We're used to thinking about what we want to be - but what do you want to stop being? A message on Matthew 21:23-32 by Richard Hong.

  • Lazy

    24/09/2017 Duration: 20min

    Judging a situation by looking at a snapshot in time can be misleading. A message on Matthew 20:1-16 by Richard Hong.

  • Plain

    17/09/2017 Duration: 19min

    Sometimes Jesus is confusing, but many of us prefer that to being told to do what we don't want to do. A message on Matthew 18:21-35 by Richard Hong.

  • Aspirations

    10/09/2017 Duration: 16min

    Yes, we're sinners. But shouldn't we aspire to more than just avoiding sin? A message on Romans 13:8-14 by Richard Hong.

  • Obstacles

    03/09/2017 Duration: 18min

    We want God to remove obstacles. God wants us to overcome them. A message on Matthew 16:21-28 by Richard Hong

  • Bedrock

    27/08/2017 Duration: 16min

    Is your faith built on what you believe or someone else's beliefs? A message on Matthew 16:13-20 by Richard Hong.

  • Company Policy

    20/08/2017 Duration: 23min

    Navigating the big picture versus the individual is always tricky. A message on Matthew 15:21-28 by Richard Hong.

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