A group of friends who don't know what they're doing, but like that they're doing it.


  • Opening the digital newspaper

    12/04/2012 Duration: 44min

    According to Niko the Ghost a study was done that no one ACTUALLY likes bananas. Interesting. It's us. Slim (someitmes pronounced Slime) is also here again, Doug and we're joined by two first time "guests"-Emily and Andy....errr DeMon Heart. Back to bananas. This is a podcast about our podcast. That ACTUALLY made sense. Niko the Ghost fooled by the merchants who sold him some rocks that could be smoked. I bring up things no one cares about like JLo. Dodge Rams as a present from a full blown celebrity, that's lame. Spiders are scary but lady bugs aren't, why Mr. DeMon Heart is that? We birth spiders, it's awesome. What do dogs say to one another? This hookah smoking is pretty good. I'm relentless with bringing up JLo. Describing visuals you'll never actually see. The internet proves it's craziness again, kind of like a cheerleader pyramid. What are thoughts in normal pupil's mind. Girl scout cookies are talked about. And some talk about Famous Amos cookies, that guy on their packaging is a slave, or a former

  • Adapting to our ineptitude

    06/04/2012 Duration: 51min

    It was beautiful the day this was recorded, today on the other hand was shit. We explore the world of podcasting headphones (they don't actually exist). I really love bringing up Drake. We're easily distracted. We're sort of quiet so turn up the volume folks, sorry. We venture into body hair and what it'd be like to not have any via laser removal. Or you can pluck 'em via your fingers. I'm a jerk for calling out Joey on his verbal skills, I'm sorry again. A top three list of some sorts. More Twitter stuff and talking about things we like.

  • Showing Our Ineptitude

    30/03/2012 Duration: 38min

    There's some talk about some small town in our home state of Missouri. We talk about shallowness and a way to fix it. Twitter stuff because that's where everyone goes for a topic. And we ask Drake questions...too bad he couldn't join us.