My Supertitle Life



My personal experiences as a member of the San Diego Opera Chorus for the 2008 season.


  • Episode 5 - Places, Please...

    28/01/2008 Duration: 08min

    Episode 5 - Places, Please... Just a quick blogcast to relate how opening night of Tannhauser went. Also to explain that starting next week (for one week only) there will be a small break in my blogcasts as I don't have any opera rehearsals or work next week. I get a small break... (Whoo! Hoo!) Starting the following week (February 7th) will be my first blogcast for the Cav/Pag* shows. * - Cavelleria Rusticana/Il Pagliacci

  • Episode 4 - Four Songs and a Funeral

    18/01/2008 Duration: 39min

    Episode 4 - Four Songs and a Funeral Discussion of Acts 1 and 2 of Tannhauser (where we've been) Round out discussion of Act 3 Rehearsals thus far The Principal Cast (my impressions) Vocal comparisons of the Pilgrims Chorus End Credits

  • Episode 3 - There Be Swords!

    11/01/2008 Duration: 32min

    Episode 3 - There Be Swords! We hold off on discussing Act 3 for next week's show... - I discuss the staging of the show thus far and how it is all panning out - A brief story about meeting Ian Campbell (Gen Dir of SD Opera) during one of the rehearsals - The season line up and how it plays out - The sinister background of a Chorus coupling in Act 2... now YOU know the story! - Humorous opera stories from my past... -Wrap up and end notes...

  • Episode 2 - The Great Hall

    03/01/2008 Duration: 31min

    Episode 2 - The Great Hall Opening Remarks and Quotes Tannhauser - Act 1 Recap Act 2 Discussion Rehearsal Notes Sign off...

  • Episode 1 - Curtain Up!

    03/01/2008 Duration: 38min

    A Blogcast about William's involvement with the San Diego Opera and their current season starting at the end of January 2008 with a production of Tannhauser. Topics this round are: Who is Richard Wagner? What is Tannhauser? Discussion and overview of Act 1 How rehearsals are progressing with the Opera company Short amusing anecdotes about prior performances of Tannhauser and of Richard Wagner in general.' Sign off and Credits.