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professional skateboarder,inspirational speaker,life coach, and author, garold Vallie, discusses chasing dreams, having goals, and never giving up. Vallie has a great resume to include;10 years as a professional skateboarder, a 20 year hockey career, TV show, public speaking to schools, and hosting events throughout the Midwest.


  • We all have the same amount of time?

    21/06/2016 Duration: 27min

    Tonight I will be discussing time.  We all have the same amount....24 hours.  How come some get so much more done?  Where does it go? is it even real?  This and more on this episode of UNDERGROUND Vallie radio.

  • A person cannot be comfortable without self approval.

    12/05/2016 Duration: 29min

    Creating self worth is sometimes very difficult.  Today i will discuss my battle with this and how i get over it daily.

  • No such thing as coincidence

    11/05/2016 Duration: 29min

    There are no coincidences.  Everything happens when it is supposed to.  Today I will be discussing these kinds of things that have directed my path and how You should pay attention to them.

  • Thought controls everything

    10/05/2016 Duration: 29min

    Today i will be discussing the power we have that we don't know we have.   From changing our day to day life to controlling our perception of events.

  • What we think we become

    02/05/2016 Duration: 14min

    Almost every motivational/inspirational person talks about the power of our thoughts.  Today we will look at that power and how it has a direct effect on where you are at today.