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Move Up in Life with Gusto. Lisha Yost gives you motivation and action steps to live your best life. Gain what success means to you. Relationships, Finances, Health, Spirituality, Business, Success, Goals, Psychology, Personality. Listen to a quick 5 minute motivational podcast with Lisha every week.


  • How to Remove False or Unhelpful Internalizations From Your Childhood #PODCAST


    What false or unhelpful beliefs are you internalizing from your childhood? What bad habits do you keep (even unwillingly) simply because of something you’re holding on to from your childhood? Listen up, because this episode is all about how we internalize things from our childhood which hold us back even in our adulthood, and what […]

  • 4 Steps to Forming New Beliefs and Ridding Yourself of Bad Habits #VIDEO


    Ever find it hard to get bad brainwashing out of your subconscious and form new positive thoughts that really stick? Well, you’ve been programmed for years, so what makes you think you’re going to do it over night? Be patient, but also, use this trick every single day, and you’ll be closer and closer to […]

  • How Personal Responsibility Empowers You to Reach Your Goals #PODCAST


    Today I’m revisiting a post from a few months ago because I finally made a podcast out of it so you can listen while you work (or just sit and listen to absorb some good vibes and smart talk). Listen now to find out how taking personal responsibility increases your self reliance and resourcefulness, and […]

  • One Cool Trick to Increase Your Positivity and Motivation #PODCAST


    Listening to motivational speakers on a daily basis increases your positivity, motivation, and your belief in yourself. Listen now to see how spending just a bit of time each day listening to your favorite motivational speakers can improve your life tremendously: ” Click here to download the podcast mp3. Click here to watch the video […]

  • What Are You Doing With Your Life? #PODCAST


    Are you wasting your life away, afraid of success or afraid of failure? Get up and get going! Life doesn’t last forever! What’s your vision? What do you want to do with your life? What do you want to do this year? In this quick 5 minute podcast, I give you the motivation to turn […]

  • Out of Poverty and Into Success #PODCAST


    People in poverty need to use their resourcefulness to become independent and free. Believe in yourself, make something of yourself, build something–even if it’s out of nothing. Anyone can do it! Yes, even you! Of Course You! Listen to my quick 5 minute podcast which will inspire you to get off your butt and into […]

  • Sitting Vs. Standing – Which One Helps You Get More Done? #VIDEO


    Okay, by now we all know that sitting all day every day can be bad for your health. But why? And what can you do about it? It’s true that correlation doesn’t equal causation, but there is a link between people who sit too much and shorter life span. I also think there might be […]