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Dean & Brad are 2 gay geeks from Melbourne Australia sharing their gay geeky views of all things sci fi, gay and geeky!


  • Ep 76 - More than meets the eye

    18/06/2015 Duration: 52min

    Jason (@JM77) from Sydney is back down for the Queens Birthday Weekend so what better thing to do than to get our geek on. D& J chat Mad Max Fury Road & Tomorrowland, give Netflix a exciting review with Daredevil, Grace and Frankie but struggle after 15 minutes of Sense8. Comic talk looks at Midnighter, Secret Wars, Walking Dead and a geekgasm in the lead up to the final issue of Fables. And of course it,s Jason... so we talk transformers! twitter : @guy_fi facebook : GuyFiPodcast e-mail :

  • Ep 75 – Happy Hangover Podcast

    24/05/2015 Duration: 51min

    What better way to handle your hangover than by getting your geek on, as Lucas and Dean go through a driver through and dive into Geekdom. They don't just take a punt at the current comic book landscape that sees Convergence and Secret Wars kind of be the same who is doing it better? DC's Tv landscape gets a look in thanks to Supergirl while we wrap up the seasons of Arrow, Gotham and Flash. Then things get a little deeper as we touch on the latest ep of GoT. Why is Sansas' sexual assault causing more of an outcry than Theons?? Follow us: twitter @guy_fi facebook Guy Fi Podcast e-mail Don't forget about the first meet of the Melbourne Comic Book Group on Monday 25th May, 6:30pm at Hares & Hyenas.

  • Ep 74 - Decanter Banter : Age of Ultron

    23/05/2015 Duration: 56min

    Join Dean, Drew and Jake as they open a bottle or five of wine and look at the biggest superhero film this year - Avengers Age of Ultron. Follow us: twitter @guy_fi facebook Guy Fi Podcast e-mail Don't forget about the first meet of the Melbourne Comic Book Group on Monday 25th May - Details here

  • Ep 73 - Cartooning with Pride at Midsumma

    16/01/2015 Duration: 01h14min

    Midsumma, Melbournes LGBTI Pride festival brings with it a host of queer art, culture and entertainment. We chat with the gang from Cartooning with Pride, a special evening happening Jan 28th at DT's with talks from guests Kenton Penley Miller (Cartoonist/Illustrator), Andrew Li (Graphic Designer & winner of the 2014 Men on Men Art Competition) and Jimmy Twin (Cartoonist; Bent Lines Comics). Find them on Facebook or catch more details here -

  • Ep 72 - Lets do the Time Lord again (part 2)

    15/01/2015 Duration: 01h02min

    The second half of our big Doctor Who podcast sees the boys kick on with the rest of the episodes, were you surprised with who Missy was? Are you over Clara? What did you think of Capaldi?

  • Ep 71 - Lets do the Time Lord Again (part 1)

    15/01/2015 Duration: 39min

    It's a new year with technical difficulties thrown out the window so join Dean with Xavier, Joel and Karnak (Peter) as they talk all things Doctor Who from the latest season.