Green Thumbprint



Keith and Elise, plus friends, bring you fun facts, tips, and current news about all things green on planet Earth


  • Episode 8: Wasted Food w/Dana Frasz


    SPECIAL GUEST Dana Frasz of Food Shift delves with Keith into the shared frustration surrounding wasted food. In addition to the social, economic, and environmental implications, throwing out 40% of our nation's food is downright shameful in the face of 50 million food insecure Americans. Dana explains the unique approach of Food Shift to tackling this complex issue, and describes a potential win-win solution in the works.

  • Episode 7: Urban Forestry w/Phil Pierce


    SPECIAL GUEST Phil Pierce and Keith chat about a shared enthusiasm--urban forestry. They explore the social, economic, and myriad environmental benefits of trees. In addition to talking about trees in cities, they delve into the forest's "undergrowth" and the challenge of growing trees in the midst of a drought. Learn more about San Francisco's Friends of the Urban Forest online or find a local tree organization through the Alliance for Community Trees.

  • Episode 6: Healthy Urban Planning w/Chris Rhie


    SPECIAL GUEST Chris Rhie joins Keith to discuss the overlap between urban planning and public health. They dig into the evolution of green building standards, then smoothly change lanes to a shared passion: bicycling.

  • Episode 5: Low Impact Development w/Zach Youngerman


    SPECIAL GUEST Zach Youngerman and Keith dive in to a shared enthusiasm, Low Impact Development (LID) or green stormwater infrastructure. They discuss the features of one of Zach's favorite Best Management Practices--rain gardens--and provide some take away tips on managing stormwater at home.

  • Episode 4: Food Preservation


    Elise is back to chat with Keith about one of their favorite subjects: FOOD! More specifically, they discuss all the ways that foodstuffs can be preserved, from pickling to drying to everything in between. Hear success stories, horror stories, and a how-to for a first-time preserver!

  • Episode 3: Energy Efficiency w/Stephanie Stern


    SPECIAL GUEST Stephanie Stern joins Keith to talk about energy efficiency. They discuss tips for home owners and renters alike, and fun facts abound. (Do you know what consumes half your home's energy?)

  • Episode 2: Bird Mortality


    Keith and Elise are back to discuss a leading cause of bird deaths worldwide, and what is being done to address it. You can help!

  • Episode 1: Plastic bags


    Keith and Elise kick off the Green Thumbprint podcast with an episode on their enthusiasm for plastic bags! Or rather, their enthusiasm for reducing the use of plastic, tips on how to do so, and some startling facts.

  • Episode 0: Introductions


    Keith and Elise introduce their blog -- Green Thumbprint [ ], their podcast of the same name, and themselves!