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  • YOU Get your Outdoor Living Space ON with Celebrity Designer Carson Arthur!

    13/08/2014 Duration: 56min

    Join us as Celebrity Designer and Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate Dream Team member Carson Arthur stops by to help his Social Media Girlfriends® turn their outdoor living space into fabulous!Carson started his television career as a behind-the-scenes prop coordinator for a national garden call-in show.  With international coverage, he has become a voice of environmentally-friendly landscape design on a global scale.With his first series, Room to Grow, Carson created inspired outdoor spaces for homeowners and taught a generation of viewers how to increase their own living spaces by expanding outside.  Carson stars as a Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate member in the Home, First Home® series on The Better Show.  In addition, he also anchors the Critical Listing team for HGTV Canada as he renovates the outdoor spaces for listed homes that need a little shock treatment.When not in the dirt, Carson stays busy building, planting, writing or designing as a featured guest on CityLine, and as a contributing

  • Morgan Higgins of #RisingStar gets her SHINE on with her #SmGirlfriends!

    25/07/2014 Duration: 40min

    Join us as Morgan Higgins of ABC's Rising Star stops by to talk to her Social Media Girlfriends all about her whilrwind Hollywood experience and how she got there! Morgan is an incoming high school senior, who loves singing, songwriting, acting and photography. Though she’s naturally shy, when she sings she lets that go and feels like she can truly be herself. She is planning for college and wants to major in business and music. Her musical influences are Pink, Christina Aguilera and Kelly Clarkson. We just ADORE Morgan and know you will be inspired by her brilliance as well! Be sure to TUNE in and TWEET us on Twitter during our interactive show!   It's easy ~ follow our host @DabneyPorte and our guest @IMorganHiggins and be sure to add our Community Hashtag #SmGirlfriends to join the conversation LIVE during during our show! 

  • Get Your Parenting ON with @ErikaElmuts & your #SmGirlfriends!

    04/06/2014 Duration: 01h07min

    Get your parenting ON with parenting expert Erika Elmuts who is passionate about supporting parents on the journey of raising physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy children! Erika tells us, "The most essential concepts of conscious parenting is  "healing the wounds from the past in order to be the most authentic you. For me, that involves sharing my heart – freely, openly, without reservation, or fear." Join us and be inspired as Erika get's open and real about parenting! As the founder of, and creator of the parenting program Cultivating Conscious Children, Erika is a motivating speaker, writer, and naturopathic practitioner and is a regularly featured parenting expert on San Diego News 6 and Fox 5 San Diego, and also appeared on The Ricki Lake Show.  Erika is trained in clinical nutrition, biofeedback, essential oils, homeopathy, vibrational medicine, herbs, kinesiology, flower essences, color therapy, and energy psychology, and has a B.A. from Harvard and an M.B.A. from Babs

  • Autism Awareness with Jacqueline Laurita of the Real Housewives of New Jersey

    30/04/2014 Duration: 41min

    Jacqueline Laurita joins Dabney and her Social Media Girlfriends as we wrap up National Autism Awareness Month! Many of you know Jacqueline from The Real Housewives of New Jersey where she shared her journey of parenting a child with Autism. Join us LIVE as she opens up even more, sharing ALL of her with herself with The #SmGirlfriends Community! Get ready to be inspired as we learn what living with Autism is really like and how Jacqueline has found peace and happiness in persuing her passion of empowering, educating and supporting others. Be sure to TUNE in and TWEET us on Twitter during our interactive show!   It's easy ~ follow our host @DabneyPorte and our guest @JacLaurita and add our Community Hashtag #SmGirlfriends to join the conversation! 

  • The Go-To-On-Camera Expert & Commentator Areva Martin joins her #SmGirlfriends

    16/04/2014 Duration: 01h20s

    Known as The Go-To On-Camera Expert and Commentator on legal, political, women’s and children’s issues, Areva Martin joins us today to talk about how she is making a difference in the lives of many! Given her diverse areas of expertise and “straight talk” on today’s toughest legal and social issues, Areva is consistently sought out to weigh in on the news of the day and to host special events! You may have seen Areva via her regular appearances on The Dr. Phil Show, Anderson Cooper 360, Dr. Drew On Call, Nancy Grace and various other national media outlets. Areva is an author and multi-award winning Harvard-trained attorney and founding/managing partner at Martin & Martin, LLP.  She is also the founder and President of Special Needs Network, Inc., a Los Angeles based non-profit organization created specifically to raise awareness of issues that impact individuals with autism and related disabilities. Join us LIVE and BE a part of our show and conversation on Twitter by following our Community Hashtag #SmG