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Welcome to the foolishness, and sometimes ingeniousness that is Marvelous Mind Radio. It's all about discussing real life topics, having fun, being silly, and being real. Please enjoy, interact, and share.


  • Episode 7 - The Death Of The Love Song (Where Did Real R&B Go?)

    07/07/2014 Duration: 39min

    Tune in to hear me and my special guest, Brandon Silkk Frazier discuss the state of R&B and the absence of the Love Song in radio today. Please subscribe, comment, and share. Spanks!!!! Follow us: IG, Twitter, FB @brianaclearly @intlsilkk

  • Episode 6 - The Era of the Bae (My Situationship Shenanigans)

    23/06/2014 Duration: 34min

    Tune in to and chime in on my man issues...My sister in soul, Princesse joins me while I talk about my most recent situationship and helps me break down what happened. Follow Us : IG, FB, Twitter: @brianaclearly Princesse's Twitter: @q_rentur

  • Episode 5 - Hit Me and I'll Hit You Back

    19/05/2014 Duration: 31min

    In light of the Solange and Jay-Z attack, Kiaira and I talk about domestic disputes and when, if ever, is it okay for a man to hit a woman. Share, subscribe, and support!!! Follow us: @brianaclearly @DAMNdebonair Peep the site:

  • Episode 4 - The THOTpocalypse

    30/04/2014 Duration: 40min

    This show was inspired by some of the feedback I received from a few FB friends. I hope you enjoy Kiaira's and my madness this episode. Be sure to subscribe via iTunes and share with everyone you know, even the folks you don't like. LOL! Thanks!!! Follow Us: IG, FB, Twitter: @brianaclearly @DAMNdebonair Peep the page:

  • Episode 3 - The Side Chick Portrayal

    14/04/2014 Duration: 31min

    Kiaira and I talk about the "SiDE CHiCK"...and why characters like Olivia Pope have made it okay to the play the role...Tune in, comment, share, subscribe!!! Follow us! IG, Twitter, FB @brianaclearly @DAMNdebonair Peep the site:

  • Episode 2 - The Switch Up

    31/03/2014 Duration: 31min

    Kiaira and I talk about the switch up - what it is, when to utilize it, and why we need it. Let us know what you think! Thank you for your support. We love you!!!! Follow us! FB, IG, Twitter: @brianaclearly @DAMNdebonair Peep the site: Subscribe on iTunes.

  • Episode 1 - Know Me!!! (The Come Back)

    24/03/2014 Duration: 21min

    Marvelous Mind Radio is back...and with a lil' something extra. Find out what I've been doing with my life and meet my new co-host, Kiaira. Follow us! FB, IG, Twitter: @brianaclearly @DAMNdebonair Peep the site: