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Chief Dream Chaser Aimee J. brings you the people you never knew you needed to meet. Aimee talks to fellow dream chasers who share the story of their chase, the lessons they've learned, and have a good time doing it. Aimee wants people to live without regret because life is short. You need to make moves, take a chance, and chase your dreams.


  • Ep.220: J. Scott MacMillan - Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs Through Timelines

    15/04/2020 Duration: 35min

    Even though you might not know it, you are a hero, and your life is a hero’s journey. Join us to gain a new perspective on your obstacles, struggles, choices, and victories, and learn why you must embrace the role of a mentor in helping others.  J. Scott MacMillan is an author, filmmaker, and certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming life coach whose work centers around the theory of the Hero’s Journey. Drawing upon the concept’s relatable and inspirational nature, MacMillan has adopted tools to help himself and others over the last 15 years. MacMillan’s coaching business, Hero Life, uses behavioral learning techniques, adult learning theory, and the Hero’s Journey to help people create new patterns and apply critical thinking skills to daily life. Combining his personal life experiences and expertise in psychology, Scott helps people overcome periods of feeling stuck by working through fear and doubt to find their life purpose. His four-step plan is designed to help people reclaim their power, step into their a

  • Ep. 219: Dr. Kristen Race - Balance Your Brain for a More Balanced Life

    01/04/2020 Duration: 54min

    If you’re a regular listener, then you know that mental health is a very important topic to me. Mindfulness is something we can all learn to practice to help deal with the stress of life. I saw today’s guest on a TED talk, and I knew I had to bring her to the show. A self-described “brain geek,” Dr. Kristen Race has spent the last 12 years exploring the nexus between mindfulness and neuroscience. She is the author of Mindful Parenting, the founder of Mindful Life, and Head of Mindfulness at Solvasa, a pioneer in integrative beauty. Dr. Race has been featured in The New York Times, NPR, CNN, and many more. She’s taught her mindfulness methods to over 50,000 worldwide leaders, including Sheryl Sandberg and Sara Blakely.  The accidental entrepreneur What did you want to be when you were young? The truth is that most of us end up being something totally different than those original dreams. Young Kristen wanted to be an Olympic gold medalist, and it didn’t matter to her what sport it would be. Later, she wanted t

  • Ep. 218: Aniya Wolfe - WOLFE

    18/03/2020 Duration: 39min

    Today’s guest is a friend of the family, and her dad and brother have both been on previous shows. In Women’s History Month, she’s another amazing woman doing amazing things in the world. She’s part of a new generation paving the way for other young women coming along----and she’s doing all this at the tender age of 18.  Aniya Wolfe, striding onto sets as “Wolfe,” began 2020 by launching Ivy Sky Pictures, her second production company that aims to produce films, demonstrations, photoshoots, and music videos that spotlight the souls of artists and companies. At just 18 years of age, Wolfe has identified her love of expressing and inspiring while experiencing a spectrum of emotions at being present in today’s world and channeling it through art.  Finding inspiration Where do you find inspiration? Wolfe was a huge fan of Hannah Montana, wanting her life to be “the best of both worlds.” Her family was supportive of her acting aspirations, so she plunged into her first commercial. What Wolfe discovered was that sh

  • Ep. 217: Lulu Picart & Alison Burns - This Is A Good One

    04/03/2020 Duration: 48min

    We’re kicking off March, Women’s History Month, with two amazing women. They followed their passion and created an innovative podcast around the question, “What would you do right now if you had $10,000?” Alison Burns and Lulu Picart host the comedy podcast, 10K Dollar Day, which can be described as imaginary luxury travel comedy. They also coach students of all ages at Find Your Light Coaching. Lulu is an actor, director, writer, singer, and doggy mom. Alison is a comedian, actress, singer, lyricist, choreographer, wife, and mom. She’s an award-winning musical theatre performer and a huge Gordon Ramsey fan.  Not the same old podcast If you started a podcast, what would it be? When Alison and Lulu lived together outside NYC and worked in the theatre industry, they occupied themselves on the long commute by fantasizing about living in the lap of luxury. This pastime became the basis for their podcast that’s crammed full of comedy and improvisation. They research each place they “visit,” picking them independen

  • Ep. 216: Travis Wolfe Jr. - From a Dream to Reality

    20/02/2020 Duration: 35min

    Sometimes a kid can be the best example of a dream chaser. This is certainly true of my guest today. His family epitomizes what it means to chase your dreams, as each one of them works hard to pursue their passions. I think you’ll find today’s interview refreshing and inspiring. Travis Wolfe, Jr. is a 13-year-old actor, hip hop and breakdancer, and host. After booking his very first audition for a 6ABC News promo, Travis knew he was destined to be an actor. Within five years, Travis landed the role of “Dele” in the CBS series Bob Hearts Abishola, and he’s been featured in shows like Grownish, The Neighborhood, and Laff Mob’s Laff Tracks. He also has a recurring role on Season 3 of Raven’s Home as “Lil Lo Lo.” Besides acting and dancing, Travis uses motivational speaking to encourage other young people to follow their dreams and pursue their passions. What it takes to succeed as an actor What do you think it takes to succeed as an actor? It’s not as easy as walking into your first audition and riding the easy

  • Ep. 215: Teneshia Warner - The Big Stretch

    05/02/2020 Duration: 01h03min

    As we kick off Black History Month, I couldn’t find a better dream chaser with whom to start than today’s guest. Listen and be inspired by the story of her dream-chase to find passion, purpose, joy, and fulfillment in leaving corporate America behind and leaping into the entrepreneurial life.  Teneshia Warner is the founder and CEO of Egami Group, one of the country’s most successful multicultural marketing and communication firms and creator of The Dream Project. Through The Dream Project, Teneshia has spoken to more than 150,000 dreamers across the nation and brought together nearly 200 leading business moguls and celebrities. Her book, The Big Stretch: 90 Days to Expand Your Dreams, Crush Your Goals, and Create Your Own Success (McGraw-Hill Education, November 22, 2019), is a soul-searching, life-transforming, twelve-week, boot camp that reveals how to get from where you are to where you dream of being---in life and business.  Listening to the signals Do you get internal signals when it’s time to move on t

  • Ep 214: Jacquelynn Peterson - Build the Gateway to Your Dream Life

    22/01/2020 Duration: 40min

    I hope your 2020 is off to a great start! This is a great time to talk about tips for the new year regarding a vitally important concept: your mindset. Having a positive mindset and exercising optimistic determination are key elements in chasing your dream. We’re jumping into these topics and more with today’s inspirational guest.  Jacquelynn Peterson is a 20-year corporate veteran who has turned into a joy and purpose advocate. She knows just how exhausting and painful it is to live someone else’s dream and slave away at work that doesn’t excite you while not knowing where your life is really headed. As a child of Vietnamese immigrant parents, getting good grades, going to college, and getting a good job was her prescription for success. With that in mind, Jacquelynn climbed the corporate ladder for 20 years, from entry-level to six-figure positions. Even at the height of her career, she still wasn’t fulfilled or excited about the direction of her life. A miraculous turn occurred when she defied all logic to

  • Ep. 213: Marc Megna - Dream Big, Never Quit

    08/01/2020 Duration: 41min

    Thank you for kicking off the New Year with us! You know there is nothing closer to my heart than the story of someone not only dreaming big but finding ways to chase those dreams. Such is the story of today’s guest. Join us for more! Marc Megna is co-owner of Anatomy Fitness gym and a top strength and conditioning coach in Miami, helping hundreds of clients--from celebrities and professional athletes to motivated beginners--achieve their fitness goals. Adhering to the “Dream big, never quit” motto that Marc learned from his mother, he put in years of hard work and unrelenting dedication to transform his life. After playing football and earning a degree in sociology at the University of Richmond, Marc was drafted by the New York Jets in 1999. During his seven-year professional football career, he played for the New England Patriots, Cincinnati Bengals, and Montreal Alouettes.  Now an elite trainer and fitness model, Marc has written for such publications as Fitness RX and Dr. Oz. He’s been featured on the cov

  • Ep. 212: Aimee J. - Learning from Our Past

    25/12/2019 Duration: 51min

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I’m excited about 2020, and I have confidence and good feelings that it will be the Year of Awesome for me---and I hope for you, too! In today’s solo episode by me, I’m sharing Ten Lessons I’ve learned from my past. I hope you’ll listen and take action as we count them down from ten.  10. You can’t do it alone. You need a coach or mentor or someone to help you. I share personal experiences I’ve had with taking online courses, of which some are great, and some, not so much. The ones that include a coaching component are the most helpful. Find someone who will coach and guide you on your journey. TWEET: Find someone to guide you on your journey. #chasingdreams 9. It’s the journey, not the goal. Work toward your dreams, even if you don’t achieve them. The journey to the goal should be joyful and invigorating. Enjoy the journey with all the highs, the lows, and each experience of your adventure. TWEET: Enjoy the journey! #chasingdreams 8. Allow yourself the grace to make mistak

  • Ep. 211: Lisa Pongrass - Turn Your Fashion Dreams Into Reality

    11/12/2019 Duration: 36min

    Most people who chase their dreams don’t aspire to build a company. We all know that an endeavor of that magnitude takes a huge commitment of your time and energy. Making a career out of your passion is a rare achievement that few are fortunate enough to do. Today’s guest shares a candid behind-the-scenes look at the challenges and successes in her journey to entrepreneurship.  Lisa Pongrass is the founder and CEO of Canvas & Hyde, a luxury handbag company based in Brooklyn, New York. An acclaimed interior designer and fashion stylist in her Australian homeland, Lisa has over twenty years’ experience that has propelled her to the forefront of fashion and beauty on the international stage. In 2006, Lisa was named one of Harper’s Bazaar’s 100 Best-Dressed Australians, recognized for her classic style, an element that has been the mainstay of her direction and inspiration for Canvas & Hyde. With the rise of digitally trend-driven “it” bags of the moment dominating the fashion world, Lisa sought to create

  • Ep. 210: Sebastian Kurian - The Road from Depression to Achieving Dreams

    27/11/2019 Duration: 55min

    Some people would let a clinical depression diagnosis stop them in their tracks, but not my guest for today’s show. He battled through the darkness and took steps to get himself in a good place on the path to achieving his dreams. He is now living his best life in CA with an exciting and highly-coveted job at one of America’s most innovative tech companies.  Sebastian Kurian is a Corporate Counsel at Google supporting its Energy and Location Strategy Team. He focuses primarily on energy infrastructure and supply transactions globally, including maintaining Google's 100% renewable energy goal and pursuing its ambitious, new 24/7 carbon-free goal.  At Google, Sebastian has closed renewable energy deals across four continents.  Sebastian also handles data center site selection and other utility infrastructure and supply matters. Before joining Google, Sebastian was a Corporate Counsel at Amazon, where he was the lead global utilities lawyer for Amazon Web Services. During his time at Amazon, he closed or advised

  • Ep. 209: Randy Wilburn - Encourage, Build and Grow

    13/11/2019 Duration: 50min

    Many people make the assumption that it’s too late in life to make a change and chase their dreams. Today’s guest will show you why it’s NEVER too late to pivot from one path to find joy and fulfillment on another. Randy Wilburn is an entrepreneur and serial podcaster. He currently helps design professionals become better leaders, better communicators, and better people. Always learning Do you love to learn? This is one of Randy’s most fascinating traits, and it’s a healthy one for anyone to have. He explains that he’s always been wired to search for more information and knowledge. He was raised by his grandparents after his parents divorced. It was Randy’s grandfather who taught him to take in the rich knowledge available in books and to make books his friends. When he moved into his grandfather’s office/library, his bed literally faced a library wall of books that he can still envision today. Randy’s grandfather was a news reporter who instilled in Randy the love of reading and consuming information through

  • Ep. 208: Barbara Butler - Go Outside and Play!

    30/10/2019 Duration: 44min

    Today’s show is about an unlikely dream and a highly unconventional journey into a man’s world by a strong and creative woman. Her creations spark imagination and motivate children of all ages to turn off the TV, put down the video games, and go outside and play! Barbara Butler is the founder and CEO of Barbara Butler Artist-Builder, Inc. She’s been designing and building extraordinary custom treehouses and play structures for children for over 30 years. Barbara does both residential and commercial work in the US and internationally. Barbara’s mother wanted her to be a lawyer, but she loves working with her hands and learning carpentry skills from her brothers. She moved to San Francisco to pursue her artist’s dreams, and soon landed her first play structure job working in the backyard of Bobby McFerrin (the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” guy). Creating these magnificent structures became Barbara’s passion, and she still loves her work 30 years later, as she lives her best life as a kid at heart.  Barbara’s backgrou

  • Ep. 207: Katherine Knapke - Set Boundaries. Chase Dreams.

    16/10/2019 Duration: 39min

    Today’s show is about overcoming fear on your way to chasing your dreams. We encounter moments of crossroads in life, where we are faced with decisions that determine our future. My guest had the guts to leave her chosen career behind--all to preserve her mental health. We are raising money for Mental Health America, so see the link below to donate and help us reach our goal! Katherine Knapke, RN, BSN, is the Communications and Operations Manager at the American Negotiation Institute, where she uses her experience as a psychiatric nurse trained in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) and a mediator to address the psychological, emotional, and societal concerns that impact women in the workplace. In October, Katherine is launching the American Negotiation Institute’s newest podcast, Ask With Confidence, designed to empower women and help them gain the confidence they need when engaging in difficult conversations. How Katherine arrived at her present work Do you enjoy doing things that scare you? Katherine say

  • Ep. 206: William Hung​ - Champion By Choice

    02/10/2019 Duration: 38min

    There may be no one in recent years who has endured more public criticism than today’s guest. He’s taken it in stride to springboard into several career endeavors, maintaining his optimism and happy energy while doing so! After his American Idol audition, William Hung’s rendition of “She Bangs” became famous for all the wrong reasons. Despite the harsh criticism he endured, William persevered, going on to attract a cult following, release three albums, and performing live with Ricky Martin in Las Vegas. A motivational speaker and professional optimist, William is proof that the underdog can succeed when you rise above the haters and choose to be happy. William has appeared on media outlets like FOX, ABC, CNN, and NBC, and in such publications as Rolling Stone magazine, TIME, and USA Today. He’s been a featured guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! And The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Born in Hong Kong, William now resides in Los Angeles and has written a brand new book, Champion by Choice.  Making choices Have you ever been a

  • Ep. 205: Kacie Main - Removing Distractions to Reconnect with Yourself

    18/09/2019 Duration: 43min

    No one else can determine what it takes for YOU to feel content and fulfilled in life. Society tries to put each of us in a mold, prescribing the steps we should take and the path we should follow. Today’s show focuses on why you need to approach your dreams in a way that is best for you, and not based on what anyone else says.  Kacie Main released her debut book in February 2019. It’s titled, I Gave Up Men for Lent: The Story of a Jaded, Hopelessly Romantic, Health-Conscious Party Girl’s Search for Meaning. Born and raised in Florida, Kacie enjoyed a successful career in the corporate world before leaving it all behind to pursue her dreams of becoming a full-time writer. Kacie holds bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Communications and a master’s degree in Business Administration. Is writing a real job? Do you have a passion that you would love to make a full-time job? Kacie wasn’t aware of her dreams to be a writer, but writing has always been the way she feels most comfortable in communicating feelings.

  • Ep. 204: Paul Ollinger - Paul Ollinger: From Facebook to Stand Up Comedian and Host of the Crazy Money Podcast

    04/09/2019 Duration: 42min

    Is your work your passion? Sadly, for many people, work is just something they do to earn a paycheck. Today’s show is all about how much more fulfilling your work can be when you commit to being “all in” on chasing your dreams.  Paul Ollinger is a nationally-touring stand-up comedian. After achieving success in the corporate world as one of the first 250 employees of Facebook, Paul finally decided it was time to give in to his true passion---stand-up comedy. Since leaving his job at Facebook, he made the world of stand-up comedy his full-time job and now provides his audiences with a hilarious, but honest, no-nonsense approach to everyday life. Crowds of all ages embrace Paul as a straight shooter who talks about how it is, rather than how we wish it would be. Today, Paul’s comedy career takes him to clubs and corporate events all over North America, where he has opened for top comics and been featured at major comedy clubs and festivals. Paul is also the host of Crazy Money, a podcast in which he interviews

  • Ep. 203: Thalia Toha - Surefire ways you can REACH any goals without fear, even if you don't have time for it.

    21/08/2019 Duration: 49min

    Brand is everything! Whether in your personal brand or your business brand, defining yourself to your audience is vital. You have to clarify who you are and how you want to be viewed, along with identifying your strengths and weaknesses. We are diving deep in today’s show in learning why your brand is a reflection of you. Thalia Toha is a brand and business strategist for busy entrepreneurs looking to more strategically manage their business and grow their brand. Thalia is currently launching her website, where she shares practical techniques for entrepreneurs looking to get their brand strategically positioned without selling their souls to the expectations of social media. Unlike most brand experts, Thalia does not believe that social media is the be-all and end-all. In her free time, she loves exploring new food trends. Becoming a brand expert What are the brands that stand out in your mind? We can all think of certain brands that have a catchy logo, well-known tagline, or an unforgettable spokesperson. Th

  • Ep. 202: Kingsley - Leadership That Works

    07/08/2019 Duration: 40min

    Leadership--it holds such power. It can be used from one extreme to the other in lifting someone to the highest level or tearing them down to the lowest low. We hear a lot about leadership, but we don’t hear much about the role that emotions play in leadership. We are diving into this topic today with someone who has wisdom to share.  Kingsley Grant is a national and international motivational speaker, leadership consultant, trainer, licensed psychotherapist, adjunct professor, podcaster, and published author. His newest book is The Emotelligent Leader: Succeed Where Others Failed. Kingsley’s focus is on helping business and team leaders create environments that motivate, engage, and inspire people to do great work at all levels, which ultimately affects the bottom line. Kingsley is a contributing writer for the Huffington Post, Addicted2Success, Thrive Global, and The Goodman Project.  It’s never too late Is age holding you back from chasing a dream? Kingsley says it’s never too late in life to do what you w

  • Ep. 201: MC Vikram - Vanilla Ice Cream With Chicken Tikka Masala, Please

    24/07/2019 Duration: 40min

    MC Vikram grew up in a very traditional, South Indian (specifically Malayalee) household where education and church were emphasized greatly. He developed a love for comedy at an early age and decided to take the risk, step out of his cultural comfort zone, and create his own material. Fear of how his content would be received led him to create anonymously, so he could just step away if the reaction wasn’t what he wanted. His leap of faith was worth it as his songs circulated around the world and became extremely popular, changing his life forever. “Welcome to India” Are you afraid to open yourself up to criticism? MC created the parody song, “Welcome to India,” back in 2002, which was the pre-social media generation and an entirely different world. Now, he’s making a comeback with a new generation. His comedy is something he loves doing, not just for himself, but to bring laughter and happiness to others. If you think about your next step too much, then you open yourself up to “analysis paralysis.” MC says th

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