Empowering Motherhood



Tara will help you navigate the myriad of conflicting information about pregnancy, birth and parenting so that you move from feeling disempowered to empowered about your role as a mother. Wisdom is a combination of experience and knowledge and Tara will share 16 years of both as a mother or 6, Yoga teacher, Educator and Energy Healer to inspire, heal, nurture, educate and empower you to become awe-inspiring in motherhood.


  • Naked and Loving It!

    25/05/2016 Duration: 51min

    Are you ready to birth your greatness?Dhakeria Cunningham from The Naked Movement shows you how to embrace vulnerability to tap into your strengths  and how to dump your baggage  to discover and develop your gifts.Dhakeria uses the art of writing, poetry and performance to aid the healing process and to “Birthing Greatness”.   In this interveiw she reflects on how her pregnancies, births and miscarriage have transformed her own life.“Women are trying to find balance, but what we need is to find a harmony”, says Dhakeria.  Show notes:3 Phases of The Gift within - accepting, using and growing!The gift of the metamorphis of pregnancy, birth and motherhoodHow to embrace vulnerability in search of your transformationFusing Motherhood and your profressional life How developing your intuition and instinct can guide your choicesThe power of telling your storyTips to writing "A new definition of NAKED.  It's about being vulnerable and transparent in search of your transformation"  Dhakeria Cunningham, The Naked Moveme

  • Feminism and Motherhood with Dr Penny Griffin

    27/04/2016 Duration: 50min

    Feminism is a word that can conjure up all sorts of ideas and negative conotations from the way the so-called Feminist has been portrayed in the media.   This is interesting given that the definination of a Feminist is a person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes.  How can this phrase or topic be 'passe'?  Our guest Dr Penny Griffin has a PhD in Politics and International Reations and a passion for Feminist Theory.  As women, and as mothers we are consuming an ideal image of ourselves which is often misaligned to our own personal values and needs. Is consuming high-end products really the epitimy of feminism?  Not according to Dr Griffin.  "We are surrounded by choices that are problematic", she says and a "System that regulates women in terms of motherhood."https://socialsciences.arts.unsw.edu.au/about-us/people/penny-griffin/Show notes:Are we in a post-feminist era and what does that mean?How does the media agenda effect your expectations as a woman?Do we even want what

  • Repairing your Relationship with Efrat Wolfson

    20/04/2016 Duration: 56min

    Being consciously aware is the name of the game these days - Conscious living and conscious parenting to name but a  few.  Efrat Wolfson brings her expertise on relationships, communication and conflict resolution through her signature program The Conscious Couples Formula.Efrat Wolfson has turned Conflict Resolution into an art with a very simple but extremely profound understanding and approach. "We need to start translating judgment into deep needs" she says.  "Look for a solution to meet both needs - It can be complex but not impossible."She has background in facilitating conficct resolution between Palestinian-Israeli youth and adults, has a Masters in Human Rights Education and she co-founded a community Eco-Centre in Israel where they help to create a sustainable way of living and communicating.  What she discovered was "The dynamics of conflict between countires and people are exactly the same".Discover her approach and many great tips and insights at www.efratwolfson.com  Show Notes:Understainding th

  • Do you need to unwind and untangle your busy life?

    16/03/2016 Duration: 49min

    Discover the secret to unwinding and untangling your busy mind and busy life.  Women are paritcularly "wound up" these days which only ends up one way - anxiety, insomnia, loss of connection with your knowing and who you really are.  Darshna Siva, Yoga Teacher and Energy Healer joins me for one of the hotest topics for women in the 21st Century - and one of my absolute passions.  This is a no frills, straight shooting conversation about Darshan's own journey from wound up Corporate to peaceful yogi."Why are we so depleted? ... We have to ask ourselves, why are we doing this to ourselves?"  Darshana SivaShow notes:The need for more restorative time where you can unwind, rest and be creative.How can you re-tap into your empowered self?What's happening when you feel we are being unravelled and unpicked by the universe.Why you need to practice allowing youself to to flow with your intutitive self.What happens when you let go and stop looking?What is energy and consiousness and how an this help you find more peace

  • Build Resilience & Connection through Neighbourhood Play

    09/03/2016 Duration: 43min

    Helicopter Parenting might keep your children safe in the short term, but what life skills are they missing out on for the long term that they gain through free play?Mike Lanza, Author of the book Playborhood, recognised a huge part of childhood that children seemed to be missing out on when he first had children of his own.  What were his fondest memories as a child, playing at a neighborhood hangout with friends, making up games, creating your own rules and culture seemed to be a thing of the past.  He's created a movement to bring back 'The Third Place' for kids, a sociologically important place where children build resilience, self-relience and independence among other things."Playing on your own, it's not just an instinct, it's also a skill and children who do it a lot get quite good at it".Show notes:Pay attention to kids lives.  "What kids are missing out on today... these were our best memories".The Third Place, is fundamental to human beings, but it's being replaced by social media.The magic of conti