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Two nerds come together to talk about your favorite movies, comics, books, games or anything between. Keith and Amy guild you through the worlds you love.


  • Episode 2: Kamala Krazy

    22/10/2014 Duration: 01h05min

    Keith and Amy talk about the most recent changes to the Marvel comic books including female Thor and the new Captain America. They also won't shut up about their new favorite hero Kamala Khan. Special thanks to tech guy Joey "Kunai with Chain" Wheeler and the man who made the music Ethan Stocking-Anderson. Check the music out at

  • Episode 1: I ain't afraid of no sequels

    13/10/2014 Duration: 01h11min

    Keith and Amy talk about their beginnings into nerd culture as well as their friendship. They discuss the possible Ghostbusters threequel and Keith gives his views on how it could be done. Also a lot of Pokemon talk.