I've Got Nothing To Say (but It's Okay)



I've Got Nothing To Say (but it's okay) is a podcast about whatever happens to come out of my mouth when the recorder is turned on.


  • 037 - Annual Episode

    26/01/2020 Duration: 01h10s

    This podcast is now a running gag. A long con. What started in 2014 as an earnest attempt to do a weekly podcast has become the equally earnest joke of doing an annual podcast. Enjoy!

  • 036 - Annual Episode

    19/01/2019 Duration: 01h00s

    Last January, when I recorded my first episode of 2018, I asked the prophetic question, “Will it also be my last episode of 2018?”. The answer turned out to be “yes”. Hence my use of the word “prophetic”. Now, after recording my first episode of 2019, I will not ask that same question. Instead, I will just say... enjoy my annual podcast episode!

  • 035 - Envy is Stupid

    14/01/2018 Duration: 57min

    After doing 23 episodes in 2016, I only did one episode in 2017. My excuse? I don’t want to talk about it. What I do want to talk about is envy being stupid. So I do talk about it in this episode. I also talk about a bunch of other stuff. Interested? Intrigued? Incarcerated? Then please listen to my first episode of 2018. Will it also be my last episode of 2018? Or will I actually maintain a semi-regular schedule this year? There’s no earthly way of knowing... which direction we are going... there's no knowing where we're rowing... or which way the river's flowing...

  • 034 - Stand-Up or Sit-Down?

    24/04/2017 Duration: 30min

    In a parallel universe, I did a 3-minute set at The Comedy Store open mic tonight. In this universe, I sat on the toilet and talked to myself for 30 minutes. For what it's worth, I'd like to note that when I recorded this, I didn't intend on sharing it. I thought it was only going to be heard by a future self. Then I decided to share it. Why the change of heart? How would I know? You're asking me why I do things? Have you been listening to anything I've said?

  • 033 - Continuing Comedy and Quitting Politics

    09/11/2016 Duration: 28min

    I had my best set since returning to stand-up. If it were any other night, that would have dominated this episode. But this wasn't any other night. It was election night. And, if I stick to my plan, it was the last night I give a shit about anything going on in the world outside of my personal experience. Sour grapes? Yup. Sore loser? Indeed. And you know what? I don't care. The person who's apparently going to be our President is a vile creature who spews endless venom. I quit drinking earlier this year. Now it's time to rid myself of political poison.

  • 032 - Podcast Within A Podcast

    31/10/2016 Duration: 30min

    Unlike last week, there was no grappling this week with the decision of whether or not to call in for a spot at The Comedy Store's open mic. Why? I have no idea. I called. I got a spot. I performed. This episode was recorded before and after performing. It's a podcast within a podcast. Eat my dust, Shakespeare!

  • 031 - Comedy vs Couch

    25/10/2016 Duration: 49min

    Grappling (once again) with the decision of whether or not to call in for a spot at The Comedy Store's open mic (tonight). This time, the urge was triggered by going to see Ritch Shydner perform (last night). I'm leaning towards not calling, based on the simple 'HELL YEAH! or no' philosophy (from a blog post by Derek Sivers). I enjoy performing in front of a live audience, but not as much as I enjoy sitting on my couch.

  • 030 - No Training Required

    04/10/2016 Duration: 38min

    Acting, training (and not training), mini-staycation, politics (and avoiding it), withdrawing from the big world, internal goals (bigger on the inside), crappy YouTube videos, and happiness (while looking over my shoulder for a lightning bolt).

  • 029 - Beliefs

    16/09/2016 Duration: 35min

    I started the day -- with nothing to say -- and then I "came out" -- as an atheist -- (yay?)

  • 028 - Monthly Streak Continues

    28/08/2016 Duration: 46min

    Today's Agenda: Zen, Weird, Pokemon (Go), Door-to-Door, Clicking Noises (i.e., Misophonia).

  • 027 - Comedy Weekend

    13/07/2016 Duration: 18min

    Went to two comedy shows last weekend -- one planned (Louis C.K.) and one spontaneous (Lamont Ferguson). Aside from talking about that, I (once again) talk a whole lot about very little.

  • 026 - Older and Wiser?

    02/07/2016 Duration: 04min

    Broadcasting from a dark garage, capturing a thought I had while taking a walk to watch the sunset.


    27/06/2016 Duration: 03min

    In a parallel universe, I did a 3-minute set at The Comedy Store open mic tonight. In this universe, I sat on the toilet and talked to myself for 3 minutes.

  • 024 - Regularity

    25/05/2016 Duration: 35min

    The most interesting thing (to me) this week was having my best set at The Comedy Store since returning "home". I just hope this doesn't cause me to repeat my old pattern of trying to turn this into something more than it is. What is it? It is what it is. I'm not trying to build on "this". I just want to continue doing "this" for the sake of doing "this"... whatever "this" is.

  • 023 - A Better Way

    18/05/2016 Duration: 30min

    Oprah's got nothing on me. In this week's episode of my podcast, I make MYSELF cry.

  • 022 - Have Fun

    12/05/2016 Duration: 43min

    Another episode with The Comedy Store's open mic at the (minuscule) core, and a bunch of tangential philosophizing around the (massive) edges.

  • 021 - Sickness and Health

    04/05/2016 Duration: 31min

    Don't listen to this episode if you're in a good mood. I was sick recently, and it got me to thinking a lot more about my ultimate demise. Some recent celebrity deaths didn't help matters any.

  • 020 - What?

    18/04/2016 Duration: 26min

    I'm here. It's now. I'm Joe. That's pretty much all I know.

  • 019 - Be Nice

    11/04/2016 Duration: 47min

    In a parallel universe, I performed at The Comedy Store open mic tonight. In this universe (thanks to a special show replacing the open mic), I recorded a podcast episode (in my car) instead.

  • 018 - Monday Afternoon Quarterback

    04/04/2016 Duration: 01h25s

    Last night, I did a 3-minute set at The Comedy Store's open mic. In today's podcast episode, I spend an hour talking about it. Actually, I spend most of the hour talking about tangential things that have occurred over the past 35 years... then I (eventually) talk about last night's 3-minute set.

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