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5 live's Bump Club follows families through their experience of pregnancy and birth. Every Sunday morning from 11am with Edith Bowman and Colin Murray


  • Babies' First Christmas

    24/12/2013 Duration: 49min

    Across the spring and summer of 2013 5 live's Bump Club followed the journeys of mums and dads to be as they went through the ups and downs of pregnancy. In this special Christmas programme Edith Bowman catches up with some of the bump club members and meets their babies. Edith asks how they've coped in the first few months of parenthood and hears how they are all preparing for their babies' first Christmas.

  • Hypnobirthing and teenage pregancies

    07/07/2013 Duration: 48min

    Teenage mums talk about the honest reality of being pregnant so young. Beverley Turner attends a natal hypnobirthing session. Author Amy Licence gives a history of royal births.

  • Festival-going Mums

    30/06/2013 Duration: 46min

    Edith's live in Glastonbury with festival-going Mums, and also catches up with organiser Emily Eavis, who recently had her second child. Colin leads a discussion on why so many pregnancies end in C-section, and Beverley Turner is there in the operating theatre when one of our Bump Club Mums gives birth. We also hear from the woman behind the lullaby versions of rock songs we've been playing.

  • Breast feeding

    23/06/2013 Duration: 43min

    Edith Bowman presents the weekly show about pregnancy and childbirth. Colin Murray is here in spirit, helping deliver a baby from a labour simulator, controlled by Bump Club's Beverley Turner. We also discuss whether women are under too much pressure to breastfeed. Also, why do so many pregnancies end in an induced labour? And we hear from more of the Bump Club mums as the babies keep on arriving.

  • Should dads take a bigger role?

    16/06/2013 Duration: 49min

    Edith Bowman and Colin Murray present our weekly show about pregnancy and childbirth. This week, our Bump Club babies start arriving. We catch up with Mercy Koko-Snuggs and her new twins, born by C-section on Tuesday. On Fathers' Day, there's a call for the state to make it easier for Dads to have a bigger role in childcare and parenthood. David Lammy MP says we should have 'a zero tolerance approach to fatherlessness.' We hear calls for better support for expectant Mums with disabilities. And a round up of the week's Bump News - stories about birth and pregnancy - including new tips on how to conceive.

  • Smoking whilst pregnant

    09/06/2013 Duration: 46min

    Edith and Colin ask is it ever OK to smoke when pregnant? Bump Club hears the inspirational story of a mum to be Matilda Tristram who was diagnosed with Colon Cancer at 17 weeks pregnant. And would you give up your seat for a pregnant woman? Comedienne and mum to be Shappi Korsandi has her own views.

  • Is there a pressure to conceive?

    02/06/2013 Duration: 47min

    Edith Bowman and Colin Murray present our weekly show about pregnancy and childbirth. This week, we're at Hay reviewing pregnancy advice books. What kind of pressure is there to have children today, and how does it feel if you either don't want them - or you want them, and can't fall pregnant? Cerys Matthews sings us a lullaby. And in our weekly Bump Club news, the Czech mum expecting quins and the miracle Baby 59 in the Chinese sewage pipe.

  • Should you bank your baby's blood?

    26/05/2013 Duration: 46min

    Edith and Colin ask should you bank your newborn baby's blood? They hear about the national blood bank that could save hundreds of lives in the future. And they ask the age-old question: could men cope with the pain of labour?

  • Are dad's pulling their weight?

    21/05/2013 Duration: 14min

    There are now 6,000 more full-time stay-at-home dads than a decade ago according to National Office for Statistics figures. But a new book suggests that fathers are still routinely shirking childcare in and out of working hours because they just don't want to do it. Phil asks Gideon Burrows author of 'Men Can Do It' and Jeremy Davies from the Fatherhood Institute whether dads are pulling their weight with childcare. Bump club members Lorna Morley Medd and Kirsteen Maccall Bowman and their husbands Justyn and Ralph join the discussion.

  • Is the NHS doing enough?

    14/05/2013 Duration: 17min

    Bump Club asks whether the NHS is doing enough for women giving birth? Phil is joined by bump club mums Mercy and Charlotte as well as Chief Exec of the National Childbirth Trust and Jacque Gerrard Director for England for the Royal College of Midwives.

  • Is marriage important?

    07/05/2013 Duration: 24min

    This week Bump club asks is it important to get hitched before baby comes along? And married or not - what effect does a new arrival have on relationships? Bump Club regular Lorna and her husband Justyn join Giles Dilnott together with mum to be Amanda McDonald who at 35 weeks pregnant has just married her long term partner Chris. Giles asks why was it so important to get married before the arrival of their baby? They are also joined by Deirdre Peden, a Relationship Counsellor for the charity Marriage Cares. And comedian Danny Robins is back, this week he's been counting his pennies.

  • How much does a baby cost?

    30/04/2013 Duration: 13min

    Tony and the Bump Club team discuss how much a baby costs, from nappies to buggies.

  • Who should pay for IVF?

    23/04/2013 Duration: 21min

    Tony discusses the use of IVF and should it be the NHS or should couples who struggle with fertility have to pay privately to undergo treatment? Natasha and Sarah tell Tony about the highs and lows of their experiences of fertility treatment. GP Dr Louise Barker describes the options open to patients who are finding it hard to conceive and leading fertility expert Dr Sam Abdalla explains where is science heading in the pursuit for a baby. And comedian and bump club dad Danny Robins navigates his way through pregnancy hormones.

  • IVF Clinic Special

    23/04/2013 Duration: 01h22min

    In a Bump Club special, Shelagh Fogarty was given unprecedented access to the Midland Fertility Services clinic, to speak to patients about their hopes and the staff here trying to help them have a child.

  • How old is too old to be a mum?

    16/04/2013 Duration: 24min

    Bump Club mums to be Laura, Mercy and Rachel debate with Sam Walker and Professor Ellis Downes how old is too old to be a mum and what happens if a scan shows there are problems with the baby. And comedian and bump club mum to be Shappi Korshandi is trying to keep calm in her 20 week scan.

  • Should men be there for the labour?

    09/04/2013 Duration: 26min

    Bump Club mums to be Holly and Lorna together with their partners Tom and Justyn debate with Tony about whether blokes should be there for labour or should they leave women to it on their own? Dr Laura King, an expert on how times have changed for dads in the delivery room explains the history of men in the labour ward. Fashion expert Alexandra McCleod debates whether there's too much pressure on mums to be to look good when pregnant. And resident comedian and bump club dad Danny Robins' audio diary on keeping in shape ahead of the big push…

  • Changing shape

    02/04/2013 Duration: 22min

    Bump Club mums-to-be Mercy and Sarah talk to Tony about changing shape and their battles to keep fit while pregnant. Kate Middleton lookalike, Heidi Agan, talks about her fake bump. And resident comedienne and mum-to-be Shappi Khorsandi gives an insight into her pregnancy eating habits.

  • Beverley Turner with a Bump Club Special

    31/03/2013 Duration: 50min

    Beverley Turner brings you up to date with the Bump Club mums that 5 live are following across the spring and summer of 2013. In this special edition, she speaks to midwives and other experts about birth plans, coping with complications and whether exercise is important when having a baby. Beverley also catches up with Paralympian Sarah Storey and talks about training during her pregnancy.

  • Sam Walker with Bump Club

    26/03/2013 Duration: 24min

    Lorna, Holly, Tom and Kay join Sam Walker to talk about feeling their babies kick for the first time.They discuss this week's campaign to save independent midwives with broadcaster and mum Beverley Turner. And resident comedian and dad-to-be DANNY ROBINS on developing the perfect relationship with a very important lady in any Bump Club couples life...

  • Baby's first heartbeat

    20/03/2013 Duration: 24min

    Mercy and Kirsteen share a very special moment with Laura, hearing her baby's heartbeat for the first time. Bumpology expert Linda Geddes helps bust some pregnancy myths. Jenny Carter, a specialist midwife from the pioneering Preterm Surveillance Clinic at Guys and St Thomas' hospital explains how they are using new technology to identify and help pregnant women at risk of going into labour early. And resident comedienne and mum to be Shappi Korshandi doesn't spare the gory details on pregnancy.

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