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Fr Robert Galea shares his homilies, talks and reflections.For more information please visit


  • Messy Holiness

    27/12/2015 Duration: 07min

    Fr Rob briefly explores the meaning of holiness through the messy life of the 'holy family'.

  • Stop and Listen

    21/04/2015 Duration: 04min

    In Luke 24 the apostles rebel and walk away. On their journey Jesus walks with them even though they are too preoccupied to stop and listen.

  • Fix Your Eyes

    10/08/2014 Duration: 07min

    Ninteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A. Fr Rob Galea speaks about the need to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus through the storm.

  • Anxious For The Kingdom

    02/03/2014 Duration: 06min

    Homily on the 8th Sunday in Ordinary Time. Fr Rob Galea

  • More Than A Fan

    29/06/2013 Duration: 05min

    Australians love their footy. They are dedicated to their sport and to their team. Jesus likewise asks for dedicated followers.

  • Fortune Telling

    05/01/2013 Duration: 01min

    There is so much around us to draw us away from entrusting our future into the hands of God. A few such things are those presented to us by the New Age Movement, the Occult, and Witchcraft. Here is a short plea on Fr Rob gives to keep trusting Jesus with our future.

  • The Cost of Discipleship

    21/10/2012 Duration: 06min

    Being a Christian is not easy; there is a cost involved. Fr Rob Galea explains the cost of discipleship during a homily delivered at his home parish, St Brendan's, Shepparton.

  • Exclusive

    30/09/2012 Duration: 08min

    We all have a need to be exclusive, to belong to exclusive clubs, have exclusive privileges and so on. Exclusivity can be a dangerous thing if it is not outward looking. Fr Rob Galea delivers a homily about exclusivity at St Brendan's Catholic Church on the 26th Sunday in Ordinary time (Year B).

  • Mary

    14/08/2012 Duration: 04min

    There is noone who knew and loved Jesus more perfectly and intimately than his mother Mary. Our devotion to her is because of this - because we admire her love for Jesus.

  • Inconvenient

    17/12/2011 Duration: 04min

    Life is full of inconveniences. What if we could find God in and through these inconvenient moments? Fr Rob Galea is a Catholic priest based in Shepparton, Australia

  • You Can Change The World

    11/10/2011 Duration: 06min

    Homily given by Fr Rob Galea on 9/10/11 at St Brendan's Church, Shepparton. You have the capacity to change the world!

  • The Ascension

    05/06/2011 Duration: 05min

    As Christians we face a constant tension between worship and doubt; between wanting to do what is right and coming face to face with our weakness. The apostles faced the same anxiety, doubt and weakness. Homily given at St Brendan's Parish in Shepparton on the 5th of June 2011.

  • Sin

    10/04/2011 Duration: 04min

    We are body and soul. The body fades but the soul lives forever. Sin destroys our soul; our freedom to live life to the full. For more information on Fr Robert Galea and his ministry please visit

  • You Are A Prophet

    15/01/2011 Duration: 09min

    This podcast is a homily given at St Brendan's Parish Shepparton on the second Sunday of Ordinary time. We have all been given a mission to be Prophets: to be God's messangers to the world, and the world's messanger to God.

  • Delete the Evidence

    26/08/2010 Duration: 03min

    We tend to carry too much guilt and shame. Jesus offers to wash away all our sin. All we need to do is ask.

  • Uncomfortable

    01/08/2010 Duration: 06min

    Jesus did not come to bring us peace and justice but to make us uncomfortable. Rev. Robert Galea homily given in Benalla on the 18th Sunday in ordinary time.

  • Commitments

    20/07/2010 Duration: 03min

    Commitments can be both rewarding and demanding. Rev. Rob reflects on his last seven years of seminary commitment.

  • Do it Scared!

    12/06/2010 Duration: 04min

    Fear is a common human emotion. It is OK to be experience fear, but what matters is what we do with this feeling. Rev. Rob gives a reflection about doing things inspite of our fear. Please visit for more resources and more on Rev. Rob Galea.

  • Holy Spirit

    23/05/2010 Duration: 06min

    The Holy Spirt is the least understood person of the Trinity. In this homily given in Benalla on Pentecost Sunday Rev. Rob explains who the Holy Spirit is, and what the role of the Holy Spirit is in our life of prayer. Please visit www.ThatsWorship for more resources and more on Rev. Rob Galea.

  • Peace

    09/05/2010 Duration: 06min

    A homily delivered in Benalla on the sixth week of Easter (Mother's Day) 2010. "God offers us peace which the world can not give; a peace that is not determined by our feelings or circumstances but by faith and understanding that God is forever by our side."

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