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A Podcast About Writing and the Creative Process


  • Ep.65 Love, Sex and Creativity w/ Rachael Maddox

    20/06/2017 Duration: 01h01min

    Rachael Maddox is an author, trauma resolution educator and poet. She joins me today at her home in La Jolla, California for a conversation about creativity, sex, and her writing process. Rachael’s Website Secret Bad Girl by Rachael Maddox Rachael’s Instragram

  • Ep.64 Blogging, Entrepreneurship and The Pursuit of Happiness

    26/05/2017 Duration: 01h28min

    Bryan Reeves is a blogger, author and someone who is passionate about relationships. Bryan and I met up in his home just north of LA on a rainy day to talk about his journey as a writer. Bryan’s Blog — bryanreeves.com

  • Ep.63 Songwriting, Los Angeles and Amnesia w/ Luke Wade

    24/03/2017 Duration: 01h08min

    Luke Wade joins me again for a fun conversation about his career, songwriting, living in LA and what’s been inspiring him lately. Luke is one of my good friends and it’s always a pleasure to have him on the podcast. Check out his new album! It’s called Only Ghosts and it’s available now on iTunes […]

  • Ep.62 A Life of Love, Sex and Awakening w/ Margot Anand

    08/02/2017 Duration: 55min

    Margot Anand is an international best selling author and the world’s leading authority on Tantra. She also happens to be a good friend of mine. We sat down on a beautiful afternoon in Hawaii to talk about her new book Love, Sex and Awakening and she shares many stories, including how Osho inspired her to […]

  • Art and The Resistance

    02/02/2017 Duration: 08min

    A mini-episode about Trump, art and why we might look back on this time period and be grateful. Art is Disagreement on Boodaism.com

  • Ep.61 Songwriting, Brooklyn and the Journey w/ Aly Tadros

    15/01/2017 Duration: 56min

    Aly Tadros is a New York based singer/songwriter who just released her latest album “Hungry Ghost”. Aly and I have been friends for many years, and met while she was living in Austin, Texas. There’s not many people I love talking about the creative process with more than Aly because she’s so raw, so honest […]

  • Ep.60 Writing Groups and the Creative Journey w/ Jeff Umbro & Kyle Craner from Writers Who Don’t Write

    20/12/2016 Duration: 01h11min

    Writers Who Don’t Write is a podcast with Jeff Umbro and Kyle Craner about the writing process. Hooray for peers! I was excited to meet them and we had a great conversation about writing groups, identity, blogging, editing, critiquing people’s work and much more.  Writers Who Don’t Write Podcast Jeff Umbro on Twitter Kyle Craner […]

  • Ep.59 18,300 Songs. 70 Bands. One Man. Matt Farley.

    16/11/2016 Duration: 01h12min

    Matt Farley is one of a kind. As of this recording he has written and published 18,300 songs. He is the poster child for anti-perfectionism. I spent some time with him in the basement where he writes and records while I was home with my family in Massachusetts and we talked about his mindset, his […]

  • Ep.58 Article Writing, Insomnia and Women’s Empowerment w/ August McLaughlin

    13/10/2016 Duration: 48min

    August McLaughlin is a nationally recognized health and sexuality writer, author and host and creator of Girl Boner® and Girl Boner® Radio. Her work appears in DAME Magazine, the Huffington Post, LIVESTRONG.com and more. Known for melding personal passion, artistry and activism, August uses her skills as a public speaker and journalist to inspire other […]

  • Ep.57 Killing Your Darlings, The Quest for Status and Not Giving a F*ck w/ Mark Manson

    12/09/2016 Duration: 01h19min

    Mark Manson is a super popular blogger who is known for his irreverent writing style and simple wisdom that doesn’t suck. I interviewed him at his apartment in New York City in preparation for his new book The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck.           The Subtle Art of Not […]

  • Ep.56 When the Heart is Ready the Book Will Appear w/ Amir Karkouti


    Amir is one of my closest friends and also the author of 5 books. He joins me at my house for a lively conversation about the perils of “trying to write a best seller”, the new book I’m currently writing and more. Do Nothing to Get EVERYTHING by Amir Karkouti Lessons From My Coach by […]

  • Ep.55 Writing Retreats, Poetry and Drinking Wine w/ Monica Day


    Monica Day is a writer, artist, creator, producer, performer, coach, entrepreneur and instigator, with a deep commitment to an ever-unfolding personal journey. She brings a unique combination of training in creativity, sensuality, diversity, and business to her work. Our conversation happens at the end of a 3-day writing retreat Monica did outside of San Diego, […]

  • Ep.54 Ten Million Words and a Lifetime of Experience w/ Charley Kempthorne

    17/06/2016 Duration: 39min

    Today’s conversation is with Charley Kempthorne. I heard about Charley recently after reading an article about him in the Wall Street Journal. My Mom cut it out of the newspaper and gave it to me, the title was “The Power of Daily Writing in a Journal”. Charley has been keeping a journal for 52 years and […]

  • Ep.53 Sabbaticals, Work/Life Balance and Inspiration w/ Karan Bajaj

    06/05/2016 Duration: 42min

    Karan Bajaj was born and raised in the Indian Himalayas and now lives in Brooklyn New York. This conversation reminded me in a big way of why I do this podcast. Immediately in this interview I’m inspired by Karan’s life and how he balances work and play. He does something he calls 4:1:4, which is […]

  • Ep.52 Honoring her Father, Dealing with Grief and Inspiration w/ Paula Marie Coomer


    Today’s guest is Paula Marie Coomer. I’m happy to have Paula back on the show, she was a guest on episode 35 and we had such a memorable conversation that I was really looking forward to having her back. We talk about the sex scenes in her new book and what makes a great sex […]

  • Lessons Learned Writing One Article Per Week in 2015 & Show Updates

    12/01/2016 Duration: 15min

    I’m back after a short break. This is a mini-episode where I talk about some lessons learned from successfully blogging once a week for all of 2015 and more.

  • Ep.51 NaNoWriMo, Songwriting and Reading the Classics w/ Brett Randell

    18/11/2015 Duration: 48min

    Brett Randell and I met several years ago at a songwriting workshop and funny enough, I had no idea he wrote novels until we talked about him being on the show. I really enjoy his songwriting and it was great to hear about his book and story writing as well. We talk about NaNoWriMo, which […]

  • Having Patience In Your Career as a Creative Person

    11/11/2015 Duration: 17min

    This is bonus content from episode 50 with Steven Memel, it’s a conversation we had after the interview was over and I was still recording.

  • Ep.50 The Zone, Everything As Art and the Science of Switching On w/ Steven Memel

    11/11/2015 Duration: 48min

    Steven Memel is the creator of “The Science Of Switching On”, a system that enables him to achieve rapid and dramatic results with all performers in helping them get into the zone and stay there. I’ve personally worked with him and I’m proud to call him a friend and a mentor. Since I’ve started this podcast I’ve […]

  • Ep.49 Screenwriting, Storytelling and Delivering Great Feedback w/ Michael Hauge

    28/10/2015 Duration: 30min

    Michael Hauge is a screen writing coach and is has worked with screenwriters, producers, stars and directors on projects for every major studio and network. the best selling author of Selling Your Story in 60 Seconds, as well as the new 20th Anniversary Edition of his classic book Writing Screenplays That Sell. Selling Your Story […]

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